10 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Purse

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A  wealthy purse connotes a state of financial freedom. Well, this is a precise condition that most people would want to be in; a happy and a healthy life. As you grow old and wise, you crave a future of financial stability. Most people would dream of a carefree life with buoyancy that supports a healthy being. There is no perfect moment to step up and make a change. But you can start now to  empower habits that can make a difference on how you look at your future . This is the right time to take that road to a wealthier purse.

Here are 10 ways to do just that:

 Eliminate your worries

The golden rule to financial planning is to start off with your debt. Spending so much money servicing the interest each month is relatively not easy, but settling the interest can best put that money into your savings.


 Choose the right attitude

Adapt a “Can Do” attitude and believe in yourself. Don’t you agree that we are a generation of compulsive DIY people? You can cut costs and wipe out call-out or extra charges when you do things in your own in a practical manner.


  Love yourself more

Do you know that you can save more when you learn to love yourself better? Have a healthier life and make the right choices when it comes to food, hobbies or activities. Stop smoking or eat healthy. Opt to have a “staycation” at home and spend time with your family and friends.

   Set your saving goals

Create a certain percentage of your income to save within your budget. You may start to pay yourself first by automatically debiting from your bank account to your savings once or twice a month. If it prevents you from saving, then check the next step.


 Live well by spending to save

There are modernized, efficient and energy-saving appliances and products that may cost you a bit much, but might cut half of your expenses at home. You’ll be amazed at the truth behind what advisers would say “sacrifice high consumption today, for financial freedom tomorrow.”

   Always create a checklist

Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Know the difference between what you want from what you really need. On a daily basis, a checklist best suits you when you are out shopping or just plainly planning on the things you should have and do.


 Decide on your priorities

When you have your priorities straight, you can: plan ahead, save time and energy and, most importantly, save. It has always been a great accomplishment when you complete your checklist toward fulfilling your main goal, right?

   Always look back

This means that you would have to record your expenses. This would help you in creating your strategies in the future. This would also help you learn more about yourself to assist you in becoming a better and a more happy you.


 Learn to say “NO”

Make your life easier by doing the things that make you a better you. This means a “no” to the things that you do not need or want which may have been standards set by people that surround you. Connect with better people and then you’ll save more.


 Invest in what you believe in

Always spend your money wisely. Invest in things that you can actually gain from, such as a course. Find the business opportunity that is right for you. Study well before jumping into a financial decision that would mark an unhealthy future. Be aggressive but wise.

 So whether you want a wealthy life or not, doing the things differently can lead you to a better,happier and  healthier  way of life. Take charge and start a new you today!

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Juvy Bandiwan

Juvy is a dedicated woman when it comes to her family and her career. As a single mother she has her fair share of juggling family, work and life. Juvy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She has worked in accounting for several companies. As the Career & Finance Editor, she writes from her direct experience. Her column is informative yet easy to read because Juvy writes like she is talking to you directly as a friend.

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