13 Inventions that Practically Do the Dirty Work for You

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Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shovelling the walk before it stops snowing. – Phyllis Diller

So you arrive home early today and realize that you’ve got some cleaning to do. You must have felt tired and weary. You foresee the things that make you want to rewind everything in the morning when you went off to work and left a calm space where everything used to be in place. But then you see those cute dirty faces smiling at you with innocence and short giggles as a sign of happiness that you have arrived. Or perhaps a peck of kiss on your cheek from someone that you dearly adore and care for. A spur of strength energizes you and makes you smile with the thought of thankfulness that reminds you that you are with the people you love. So you stand and create a mental note, then ask yourself, “Where do I start?” So cleaning is not a chore when you do it for yourself and for your loved ones. However,  you deserve help; so we have come up with this, a presentation of household items that practically do the dirty work for you.  Read through and feel great about being the modern woman of today!


s1The most awaited time off is forthcoming, but then you’re reminded of the impending household chores. Shrug off that feeling, as you clean in just a spray and swipe using Squeak. Squeak has a blast of cleaning ability that works with a cleaning liquid dispenser, squeegee and cleaning pad. It comes in an all-in-one package that would surely make any surfaces shine!


s2Are you tired of scrubbing rough spots and hard to reach areas on your priced kitchenware? Groove answers it all with its interchangeable top; the scouring pad, bristled brush and a cleaning sponge. Now you can easily clean glasses, dishes, pots and pans and leave your most loved kitchen sparkling!

FLIPSIDE is it tough dealing with those complicated cleaning tools that promised to make your chores easy? Make it effortless with Flipside which simplifies your routine. Flipside is a 2-in-1 tool that composes a bristled broom and a microfiber dust mop. This simple and smart tool collects all dirt and debris that the usual broom leaves behind.


Your broom desers4ves some cleaning, too as it can never be a one stop hauler of dirt. This is a creation that improves sweeping with dustpans. Broom groomer has rubber teeth that let you comb all grimes without coughing dust from your bristles so nothing escapes throughout the cracks!


Don’t you just love s5when everything comes in minis? This easy to handle Broom Groomer Mini is a dustpan duo in just the right size. Its base also acts as a bin with rubber teeth which unloads residues of dust from the little broom’s bristles. So when you want to clean hard to reach areas like corners and cramped spaces, just do it with the broom groomer mini.


Even a modes6rn house needs a classy household tool like the Broom Groomer with Broom. This invention makes life even better when you combine three cleaning beauties to a one cool package. It includes the Broom Stopper which is a wise add on that holds your broom groomer upright after using.


Tools do not have to be boring. Empower your kitchen towels with loops7, a more abrasive type of scrubber which is easy to grip! Just hang your innovative loop with cloth onto the clip that comes with it, thus saving you from using multiple towels in cleaning messes. What a smart way in organizing your things, right?


No room to dry clos8thes? Take home this Slimline that you can use in the tight spaces of your home. Slimline is a rack used to dry clothes. You may hang it over back doors and it can be easily stored when not in use. Even sweaters and delicates can be supported by this aluminum clothesline with a wire durable for heavy lifts. It also features an accessible towel bar even when the rack closed.


s14 Organize your pencils, pens and office supplies with Pen Zen. A must have in every desk that helps you master the art of organizing things. It has rubber suspensions that keep everything in tact with unseen magnets at the bottom for your paper clips and other metal items.


s10 Shape your wardrobe with class, thus supporting your style with Solo hangers. Hang your clothes and remove them effortlessly without the hassle of unbuttoning shirts or stretching delicate clothes. It is like giving your closet utmost care while dressing yourself faster and enjoyable at the same time.


s15Having a hard time looking for hangers to hold the latest trends in your closet? Keep them wrinkle free with more versatility using Contour. Contour has hooks for your lingerie and solid bar for your underpants, carves, ties and other accessories. Now you don’t have to deal with those hard to hang, most cared for garments!


s11 Remember those conventional rubber bands that your mothers used to have? A new innovation has risen with Bandits. Bandits are rubber bands with fashionable hooks to fasten and tie everything from pens, accessories, cords, and other supplies in your home. This is a clever way of keeping things away in order.


s13How would you like your standard caddy to hold your shower items? Bundle your bath bottles and keep them from spilling by using Cargo. Cargo carries all your products with bungee flat cords to separate your bath items. You may even hook your shower shoes with a cord around it, making you hands free for bringing everything in the bathroom.

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