3 Solutions To The Most Annoying Winter Beauty Problems

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winter skin problems

MMost women thrive on a sense of beauty and acceptance of self.  One woman’s idea of beauty, glam and fashion may vary from the next woman’s ideals of perfection.  Regardless of your perception of exquisiteness, one thing is common, we all face minor everyday beauty problems that get in the way of our vision, especially in the cold winter months.  

Here are 3 solutions to combat the most annoying winter beauty issues:

Windburned Skin and Lips
 During winter or cold weather days, our skin may experience a nasty case of windburn. The cold temperature and low humidity depletes the natural oils in our body which causes dryness of the skin. Make sure to moisturize your skin by applying lotion. For your lips, spread a small amount of petroleum jelly before you go out. Apply as needed.

Red Blotchy Skin
 Several factors, including sun exposure and heredity, can attribute to blotchiness and uneven skin tone. Blotchiness can be in the form of red, white or dark patches on your skin.  When dead skin is not exfoliated regularly, blotchy patches of skin become more visible.  To eliminate this “Faux pas”, regularly exfoliate your skin with cosmetic products containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids.

Choosing Your Perfect Color
 Essentially, there are two basic skin tones, cool and warm.  A simple trick to discovering your tone is to look at the color of your veins through the underside of your arm. Veins that appear blue indicate a cool tone.  Veins that appear green indicate a warm tone. Knowing your skin tone category is half the battle in choosing the right colors for you.  Those with warm skin tones should stick with warm color pallets and those with cool skin tones should stick with cool color palettes. Also, remember your tone may change with the weather.  Those with cool tones in the winter may darken during the summer months and thus change tones.  Consult your local cosmetics department assistant for more information on finding colors that compliment you.

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Ana Sanchez-Tan

Ana has always been passionate about Beauty and Fashion. After graduating from Miriam College with a degree in Communication Arts, she pursued her long-time dream to become a make-up artist. Ana completed Hi-Def (HD) Beauty & Fashion Makeup and Hi-Def Pro Airbursh Makeup training at HD Makeup Studio & Academy. With her background in PR and Marketing, Ana is also a Social Media Maven. Offline, Ana loves traveling, reading books, cooking, and anything related to beauty, fashion, technology, cars and entertainment.

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