4 Top Tips to Save Money While Shopping

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When it is time to go shopping, it’s very easy to go over your budget. How many times did you end up buying things you didn’t even need and forgot to buy what actually prompted you to go shopping?

The fact is that we are surrounded by marketing campaigns designed to make us buy by impulse. From the ads we watch on TV, to the flashy billboards in the street, even to the way products are placed in the grocery store, ads are designed to make you buy the products. In the end, most customers, unconsciously, buy what they don’t need due to those marketing techniques designed to do just that. But the question is: how do you save money while shopping?

There are different tricks of the trade that can help you do that and we are going to explore the best ones. These tricks will not only help you stop buying by impulse, but also will help you save money on different products.

Tip #1: Don’t Go Shopping When You Are Hungry

Various consumer behavior studies have shown that customers who go shopping while hungry have the tendency to spend a lot more than those who don’t. Never go shopping while hungry, in the end, this can save you hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis.

 Tip #2: Be Aware of Marketing Techniques

Marketing techniques are designed to persuade a customer to buy a certain product. Being aware of some of these techniques can prevent you from being effectively persuaded when confronted with some techniques that we will explore now, thus, saving you money:

  • Product Placement : The way products are placed on shelves is a marketing technique. Usually, more expensive products are placed in the direct line of sight of the customer. At the counter of some stores you will find products. Those products are there to make you purchase them by impulse.
  • Tricky 100% Discount : A few days ago, there was a product for sale that stated “100% discount” and then it was added “when the second unit is purchased”. It still sounded very appealing, it’s not all day you find products at “100% discount”. But the fact is that the discount is of 50%, not 100%. You would be buying the second unit to get that 100% discount, which means that one of those units would be offered free and the other would have to be paid at full-price. In the end, the discount equals 50%, not 100% as that marketing technique would want you to think.
  • The Halo Effect : Everyone wants to be beautiful, successful, and so forth. When a product is associated with a model or a celebrity by a TV ad, you associate that model or Hollywood star to the product in question. This is one of the most effective marketing techniques out there.
  • The Marketing Smile : If you go through most ads in magazines, billboards and on TV, you will notice attractive people smiling or showing happiness when using certain products. The reason why that happens is because marketing experts want you to believe that having those products will make you feel happier.
  • Color Usage : When you enter big stores there are countless products, the big challenge for marketing experts is to make their product stand out. They have to attract the client’s attention first and color usage plays a vital role here.

There are countless other marketing techniques like appealing ads for kids to make their parents buy certain products and so forth. We are surrounded by these techniques and the best way to ignore them is to get to KNOW them.

Tip #3: Say ‘No’ to Credit Cards

If you pay with cash you have a fixed budget so you will have to think about the prices of products and make sure the cash you brought with you is enough to pay for all the products you will purchase. When you use a credit card, your budget is practically boundless; you are more likely to end up buying a lot more products than if you used cash. Next time you plan a trip to any store, keep those credit cards at home.

Tip #4: Buy Seasoned Products

Every product has its own season, when you find, let’s say, grapes during the summer, it means that product has been imported from somewhere and that usually means it will be more expensive. By buying products in season you will be assured that you will get the best quality and save money in the process.

There are countless other tips, like using coupons that are easily available on the internet, taking advantage of promotions and discounts, making a list and following it while shopping. However, these four tips will allow you to save the most. Use them all and you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a yearly basis.

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