5 Reasons Why You Should Trust the General Motors Diet

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TThe General Motors Diet was established in a partnership with the US Department of Agriculture for employees of General Motors. The main objective of the diet is weight management, but others are looking at it as a good way to flush out toxins from the body.

The Program

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Here are some of the reasons why you can trust this diet:

1. You digest food faster

Each of the food items you consume while you are on the diet are easy for your stomach to absorb. You will find that you still get energy from the high fiber food, and the nutrients you need, but your digestive system will work faster than it ever has.

2. You’ll restore natural bowel movements

This is a diet that will help rid you of excess waste that might get trapped in your body and weigh you down. The high fiber diet will help you flush toxins from your system. The amount of water you will intake will make sure you have regular bowel movements and are free of ailments like constipation.

3. Your body will detoxify through the diet.

As you are on the diet you will be free of toxins that have been building in your body for years. You are not eating anything that produces or contains these toxins so your body can finally breathe.

4. You only consume all natural food.

The diet consists of fruits, and vegetables that are natural to the earth and harbor no chemicals or harmful agents. You are only eating the purest foods to rid your body of anything weighing it down.

5. You avoid alcohol the entire time you are on the diet.

Avoiding alcohol means you are not consuming thousands of terrible calories. It is also a fact that you get a tiny bit lax on your diet when you are intoxicated. You can keep that under control if you aren’t drinking.

These are the reasons so many people love the General Motor’s Diet, and if it worked for them, it will certainly work for you. Remember, summer is just around the corner and you want to look great on the beach.

Now, we know how difficult it is to plan your meals (having to work with mostly fruits and veggies) for 7 days.. so we have created a meal plan for you!


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