5 Surprising Causes of Bad Breath + Drug Store Buys To Keep Your Mouth Odor-Free

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bad breath causes and cures

Many people don’t realize that they have bad breath until they’ve been told. Some people go through life not knowing, because their loved ones don’t want to hurt their feelings by telling them the truth. However, let me tell you, it is always better to tell your friends or family if they are suffering from bad breath. Why? Because bad breath tends to scare people away, including potential employers and clients. Also, bad breath can be a symptom of an underlying health issue. In this post, I’ll go through some  leading causes of bad breath and, hopefully, suggest some cures that will work for you .

coffee causes bad breath

Pop a mint. Mints are your temporary go-to fix for bad breath.


Coffee is one of the leading causes of bad breath in our society because many people are addicted to the sweet aromatic flavor and the caffeine rushes that help them get through the day. However, what most people forget – or don’t know – is that coffee causes stale breath as well as tooth staining.

Coffee breath kicks in within an hour or two, unless we remember to brush our teeth 30 minutes after drinking coffee. If you don’t have time to brush, you’ll need to mask the effect on your breath with a mint or maybe a mouth freshener.

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Tooth Decay

Rotting teeth can cause serious bad breath as well as health problems. This is because tooth decay generates toxins that can seep into the body’s system and cause inflammations that may lead to other health issues. Food particles can get stuck in a rotting tooth and, as stated above, can cause bad breath. Floss your teeth and if any of your teeth hurt, go see a dentist. A dentist will determine if you have a rotting tooth and will suggest the best method of treating it. Fixing a decaying tooth will cure your bad breath, if that is its cause.

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dry mouth causes bad breath

Drink water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day to help maintain a moist environment in your mouth.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth, with low levels of saliva, contributes to bad breath because saliva helps clean your mouth by washing away food particles and bacteria that cause bad odors. Luckily for us, bad breath from a dry mouth most often occurs during sleep, just giving us ‘morning breath’ which is easily remedied. Drinking plenty of water during the day can help, so you don’t get dehydrated.

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Some foods such as garlic, onions and even tuna are major culprits for bad breath – pungent oils in them are absorbed into your bloodstream and breathed out later. You may need to avoid or at least limit these. Another way food can cause bad breath is through being trapped in between your teeth – where it can also potentially lead to tooth staining, plaque, and cavities, as well as a build-up of bacteria which causes unpleasant odors. To fix bad breath caused by mouth hygiene issues, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush after meals and don’t forget to brush your tongue, too.

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smoking causes bad breath

Quit Smoking. It’s best to heed for your health overall.

Smoking & Drinking

To state the obvious, smoking and drinking will cause bad breath – smoking dries out your mouth directly and alcohol causes general dehydration – which also then gives you a dry mouth, with not enough saliva to clean out the bad bacteria. I know it’s hard to kick a habit, but if you want to cure your bad breath, eliminate smoking and drinking.

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