5 Tips to Perfect Blush

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tips to perfect blush


Blush is a staple item in every woman’s make-up collection, just as jeans are in your wardrobe. Without blush, your face can end up looking washed out and colorless.  When you apply blush correctly, your cheeks will have a healthy glow, making your complexion looking luminous and radiant.  Here are 5 simple tips to perfecting your blush.


The right blush shade should give you the natural flushed look you get after exercising, being in the cold, or when you’ve just rolled out of bed. The best colors for olive skin are warm shades like peach and copper tones. Natural pink shades, ranging from pale to a rosy hue, work best for fair-skinned women. Dark-skinned women, should stick to plum, cognac, and berry tones. However, no matter which color you choose, make sure that it’s shimmer-free.

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Powdered blush tends to stay on longer and is better for oily skin types and breakout-prone skin. Powders tend to have more pigment, so they’re great in the winter to add a boost of color to your skin. Powder is typically best for oily and combo skin. Liquids and gels are another great option for oily skin.

 NARS Orgasm

Creams, which add a sheen, can highlight zits. Creams are more translucent and will give a natural “lit-from-within” flush. Creams won’t settle into fine lines. Cream is great for dry skin.

Nars The Multiple Orgasm

For even better results, combine cream and powder together. This trick will make your blush act as a stain and stay on longer. Also, the combination of the two types will make your blush look more luminous. However, like most stains, they tend to dry very fast – so blend well quickly. Please note that this trick works great on well-moisturized skin, not dry skin.


If your blush seems to have too much sheen, you should check your brush size. Big fluffy brushes (powder blushes) are designed to diffuse face powder, so they can make blush barely register on your skin. The ideal brush for blush is a dome brush with densely packed bristles. The head of the brush you use for blush should be no wider than a 2-liter bottle cap. But don’t use too small a brush head because you won’t get an even blush shade along your cheeks.












Blush should normally be the second to last thing you apply, before setting powder. Apply your foundation, eye color, and lipstick first. When you’re ready to apply, put the blush on your brush, tapping off any excess, or put a dab of gel on your fingers.


For younger women: My favorite way to apply blush is to smile, so that I know where the apples of my cheeks are. Then apply the blush to the spheres that pop out when you smile and blend upwards along your cheek bones towards your temples. Stop when you’re about an inch from your hairline and fade the blush into your skin.

For older women: Wayne Goss brought a great point to my attention. When older women smile to apply their blushes, their blush is not actually being applied on the natural apple of their cheek. When older women stop smiling, the apples of their cheeks tend to drop, due to loss of muscle tone. A great trick to keep your blush from looking fake or misplaced is to not smile when applying your blush. Instead, use your ear as a marker and apply the blush directly onto your cheekbone instead of from the apples of your cheeks. Applying blush to the top of your cheekbones will make your cheeks seem more defined, will lift and define your entire face, and will help deflect attention from dark under-eye circles.

I hope these tips help you put on that perfect blush. Try them and let me know how it goes. 

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