6 Easy Things to Do to Live a Happier Life

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It is sad to see a person with much money, but no joy. That person may have studied economics, business, and investing, but failed to study happiness. This is one of the lessons of the late Jim Rohn, who was one of America’s best motivational speakers.

Here are some of the easiest things to practice daily to have a happier life:

 Do acts of random kindness.

A kind gesture can go a long way. A simple smile or affirmation to someone may determine whether that person’s day would turn out to be a catastrophe or a blessing. Doing random good things can instantly make you happy and could give you a long-lasting positive effect.

Be thankful and grateful for the things you have.

Take time to reflect everyday about the good and wonderful things you have. No matter what happened in your day, there are always things to be grateful about. You can be thankful as you reflect or as you pray. Being grateful can open up a channel for better things to come into your life.

Be an optimist and think positive.

Thinking positive may not take away all your problems in life, or at least not instantly. But if you think of it, being an optimist is better than being a pessimist, especially during rough times. Pessimism only makes you do negative actions and leads you to worse self-destruction. It’s not about what happens to you, because it probably happens to everyone else. It’s all about what you do about what happens to you.

Have a clear goal but live in the present.

If you are living through life without a goal, it’s like you are playing basketball without the basket. Set a clear goal on what you really want to achieve, and devise a strategy on how to achieve it. Focus on that goal but don’t live in the future, it will only make you anxious. Also, don’t live in the past, it will only make you depressed. Be involved in whatever you are doing in the present.

Money is not real, your loved ones are–and they are the best things in life.

There are people who are happy when their bank accounts show them a big figure, but when their bank statement gets low, they become sad and even depressed. This means money owns their lives. Money should be just a means to an end. Invest money on things that can help provide you and your loved ones the best things in life. Don’t let money use you.

 Strive to grow everyday.

Strive to develop yourself everyday. Be in an environment that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and grow. As Jim Rohn said, you are the average of the five people that you are always with. You know you’ve grown when you have learned to value relationships, especially with your family. Make sure you stick with the people who bring out the best in you. Learn to forgive; grudges close to the heart for more blessings to come. Don’t compare yourself to other people either. It will only make you complacent or feel hopeless. Be yourself and stay true to yourself. Finally, growth requires resilience. Failures are lessons and stepping stones for you to advance to the better and happier you.

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