6 Tips for Masking Your Troubling Gray Hair

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IIs your gray hair troubling you? Well, not anymore. Try some neat sneaky tricks to disguise those roots for a long time to come.

  1. Don’t ever try to pluck them out: Grandma always said so and with good reason. Even though you might want to have a go at your gray hair, you must resist the urge. Plucking is bad for your hair and can damage the follicle leading to bad bald patches. They say for every one gray strand you pluck, four appear. So don’t let them win.
  2. Opt for some glam braid style: Braids are effective in tucking away your grays. They conceal any kind of gray regrowth between your color applications. This will work well if you have long hair or medium length hair. There are many lovely hairstyles you could pull off with braids. Think about it – fish braids, French braids and side braids too. There are lots that one can do with a simple braid.
  3.  Get some clever clips: If you have short hair, then you might want to buy some pretty embellished clips to conceal the growth. You could twist and pin those grays comfortably under your colored hair. Clips look trendy especially if you can match them with what you are wearing.
  4. Learn how to part your hair in a different way: Most women have grays appear on the left more than the right. In such a case, one could change the way they part their hair.  A messy part would do wonders to help keep those grays away from the eyes of others.
  5. Creatively use a scarf: Scarfs aren’t just for protecting you against the cold, you could even use them for hiding those grays. By wrapping a scarf neatly over your head, you can get effective cover for your graying hair. Make sure you leave the colored hair to show. You could also use a hair band as well depending on what you find better.
  6. Make use of powder: words to the fashion conscious, if you don’t like coloring your hair and would want some other treatment for those grays, why not give powder make-up a try? With a brush, one could dab powder onto their grays. This temporarily will camouflage them.

Any woman would get upset on seeing gray hair but only a true diva would know just how to handle them. Using the above tips, hiding away those grays will be a piece of cake.

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Ana Sanchez-Tan

Ana has always been passionate about Beauty and Fashion. After graduating from Miriam College with a degree in Communication Arts, she pursued her long-time dream to become a make-up artist. Ana completed Hi-Def (HD) Beauty & Fashion Makeup and Hi-Def Pro Airbursh Makeup training at HD Makeup Studio & Academy. With her background in PR and Marketing, Ana is also a Social Media Maven. Offline, Ana loves traveling, reading books, cooking, and anything related to beauty, fashion, technology, cars and entertainment.

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