8 Very Simple Virtues Highly Effective Leaders Should Have

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Are leaders born? This is the most common question when tackling the topic of leadership. Of course, leaders are born, because everyone is born. The more appropriate question is: are there people who were born with leadership inclinations? Yes, there are, but still  anyone can be a leader, because leaders are made . But there are those, however, who are in leadership positions but lack the mindset, character and skills of being a leader.

Here are simple things to remember if you are aspiring to become a leader in whatever field you are pursuing:

  1. Results. Actions speak louder than words, but results speak even louder than actions. True leaders get the job done. They even see to it that they are consistent at producing results and exceeding expectations
  2. Character. If you get results through the wrong methods, then you are not a leader. If you abuse your position just to hit the target, then you are failing at leadership. Having the character means doing the right thing even if there is no one there to see it, and even if the others are not doing the right thing.
  3. Charisma. This is the part of leadership where you have to genuinely care about your constituents. Being a leader is not just about how your followers make you feel; it is more about how you make your followers feel. Make your followers feel good about themselves and you will be oozing with charisma as a leader.
  4. Purpose. Leadership comes with power, but a true leader is not after power. A true leader has a deeper purpose for leading the pack. A leader aims to provide service beyond self over self-interest.
  5. Vision. Visions are promises made for the whole organization. Without vision, people perish. Vision leads the leader, motivates the leader, and inspires the followers to follow the leader. A true leader should see to it that the vision be fulfilled through great passion.
  6. Growth. The leader should always strive to grow. If the leader does not grow, neither can the followers. The followers are bound to be as good as the leader allows. Leaders should be teachable and open to learning new things.
  7. Empowerment. Great leaders empower their followers, not just take all the credit for one’s own sake. Leadership is not about letting the light shine on you, but it is about letting the light shine from you to other people. If you want addition to your organization, then lead followers, but if you want exponential growth, lead leaders by empowering your people.
  8. Influence. According to leadership guru John Maxwell, leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less. The best question to ask about influence is: how can you get someone to do something you want done, not because he or she has to, but because that person wants to?



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