plus sized womanSociety has always put unnecessary pressure on women. As a result, many women feel at a disadvantage in their life due to unrealistic conceptions about their weight, age, and their overall position in the world. magazine sees that this needs to change starting now. We believe that all women should feel confident and sexy in their own skin. Our mission is to inspire women to discover their sexy. We are here to motivate women to get  “back in the game”  and be sexy for their mate today!

curvy woman red magazine addresses the number one ailment women face in society today:  “Why am I not perfect?”  Perfection is all in the mind, and with over 50% of women being found to have unhealthy eating habits and low self-esteem in the United States, strongly believes that now is the time to serve up quality content that would raise the confidence of half the women in the US.

The magazine is available for easy reading on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  Our premium content emphasizes that every woman has innate sex appeal, and deserves to know that she has it. It encompasses exciting categories like beauty & fashion, career & finance, shopping & lifestyle, fitness & health, entertainment, and relationships. Each category contains the latest news, entertaining articles, and eye catching graphics that aim to delight and inspire readers.

I have so much to think about so sexy is the last thing on my mind. I’ll be checking into daily to change that!”
~ quotes a subscriber. exists to serve up inspiring content, and the team is motivated by their subscribers.  We intend to take the world by storm with a simple but powerful message:

“We want women to love themselves and be sexy for their mate, simply because we know they can.”


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