Bittersweet Thoughts on Surgical Makeover

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surgical makeover

Plastic surgery is intended to enhance a person’s feature—make them look more beautiful or handsome. Perhaps they think it’ll enhance their inner beauty as well? Sometimes, it goes well and those individuals look like a new and improved version of themselves. Other times however… 

Well, something like this happens..

Donatella Versace

 Donatella Versace

This is Donatella Versace, the owner of a luxury fashion brand that brings in over 150 million euro of revenue every year, has subjected herself to several plastic surgeries that left her looking almost clownish. Her face-lifts have made her skin too tight to be natural and her lips definitely look like they were enlarged by collagen injections (if not the more extreme lip implants).

I’ll spare you the details of some of the worst ones but you can find the noted “10 worst celebrity surgery disastershere.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

Even Meg Ryan, one of the biggest ticket office actresses famous for her roles in When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, has turned to the surgery table and came out looking worse than she had gone in. It seems that in an attempt to turn back the ticking clock, she has opted for face lifts, cheek implants, and lip fillers or injections. While she might not have the unwelcomed signs of aging on her face, the telltale traces of surgery are clearly obvious.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

Of course, one of the most popular celebrity procedures had to be Heidi Montag’s. She is a well-known reality television star from The HillsShe underwent 10 plastic procedures on the same day and I have to admit, she did not come out looking worse. Heidi had a brow lift, a chin and nose job, various liposuctions all over her body, and breast and butt augmentations.

But one of the things people might not be aware about plastic surgery is that they have to be maintained and renewed every so often. While surgeons promise long lasting results for their patients, the plastic used in plastic surgeries are prone to deterioration (because a healthy body will try its best to get rid of foreign objects within) and need to be closely monitored.

Not to mention that every surgery is a risk to early death—Kanye West’s mother underwent a “tummy tuck” and breast augmentation surgery. She was rumored to have died from  surgery complications . Already knowing she had a high risk for heart attack, she still decided to proceed with the surgery.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Demi Moore is another example of a surgical makeover that has not “gone wrong” because she definitely looked gorgeous and smoking hot post-surgery. Demi’s £226k head-to-toe surgical makeover was first seen in 2003’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. I’m pretty sure you can still remember how she emerged sexily from the sea in a skimpy bikini, looking a lot better than Cameron D!

But I’d like to take this topic to a slightly scarier level. Even if the plastic surgery “goes right,” how do you cope when the face you see in the mirror is no longer your own? Perhaps it vaguely resembles you or it’s a completely different face all together. Is looking beautiful worth all of it? What are your thoughts on this?

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