Breaking the Barrier [Funny Video!]

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Wow, what a clip that was! A funny video but such a terrible thing to do! So many couples love to do everything together, but passing gas should not be one of them. In fact, your mate or potential lover should believe that you are incapable of doing such a thing. Why? Because you are that person’s love, angel, teddy bear or whatever they want to call you, and angels and teddy bears don’t pass gas, okay?!

I went to see Marianne Williamson (one our great spiritual leaders) give a talk last night on love.  She mentioned that it’s important to  show up for our partners and be the best we can be . Sometimes, we can’t just accept people to love us the way we are in our dirty sweatpants and our favorite ripped t-shirts. We have to put effort in to how we look, feel, and smell.

Does it make sense to pass gas around the person you cherish the most and then get dressed impeccably when you go out into a world of strangers? No. So this week, let’s try to not pass gas and look exceptional 24/7! Okay, maybe not, but here are two of my favorite things that can make every women feel and smell right.. whether in a relationship or fabulously single.

My go to guide for real love lessons: Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love, and Guerlain L’Instant: the fragrance I wear everyday.

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NiaNia (Nia Orms) is not only a great writer, but an actress as well. As a comedic actress NiaNia is able to take sensitive issues and create relatable soul healing content. NiaNia’s take on life is evident in her writing. She aims to diminish the belief that a certain age or size equals happiness. She is well known for depicting different fictional New York City characters that have an “in your face” concept. She tackles issues on stereotypes and humanity.

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