Choosing Your Favorite Nude Lipsticks

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Choosing Your Favorite Nude Lipstick

While nude has been the new vogue lip color for several years now, it’s still a little hard to “wear it right.” If you choose the wrong color, you can risk looking like a real live version of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, and I’m pretty sure that’s not the look you’d want to rock — except maybe for Halloween. But, if you choose a flattering shade, it can do a lot for your look.

The nude lips trend, like many other make-up trends, came off the runway. Nude lips are definitely here to stay – even after several seasons. Many celebrities and stars are wearing nude lips and you can definitely find a way for it to work for you. Nude lips are also great for when you’re in the mood for more dramatic eye make-up — balance is key.

at the premiere of Warner Bros. "The Last Samurai" at Mann Village Theater, Westwood, CA 12-01-03The Olsen twins are famous for their confident look, which often includes nude lip color. It works for them not only because they’re fair, but also because they never wear the really pale shades that can look as though you accidentally put blemish concealer on instead of lip color. Remember, nude lips do not mean skin color lips. It’s often a softer beige and, sometimes, you can even add a hint of color as the Olsen twins have done.

First of all, one of the golden rules about nude lipstick is that you shouldn’t choose one that’s really close to your skin tone. It could then look as though you have no lips and, you have to admit, even thinking about that image is kind of funny. So, no, don’t do that.

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Unlike the tips I gave previously about finding the perfect red lipstick for you, there really aren’t that many actual tips about nude lipstick other than the skin tone thing. It’s more of a “does it look good on me or do I look like I’m sick?” gut feeling. Because, don’t worry, I’ve been there and done that.

One of the problems people have with nude lipstick is putting on too much (yup, yours truly has been there and done that, too — it yielded pretty terrifying results).  I would suggest building the color slowly by dabbing layers on your lips and lightening it to a shade that works for you. You can use a lighter hand the first time so the effect won’t scare you and stop you wearing a perfectly great nude shade that would’ve worked for you. 

Because nude lips are so light and pale (unlike the red previously mentioned), it wouldn’t do to have dry and peeling lips when you try out that look (not to say that you should for red, but it’s definitely less noticeable). Nude shades also make lip wrinkles more visible. Remember to exfoliate to remove the dry skin and apply a lip balm beneath the lipstick for the color to cling on to (and for moisturizing purposes — some lipsticks are drier than others, especially nude ones). Another way to keep the sick look away is to finish off with a layer of clear lip-gloss to give shine and to make it look creamier — so it looks more youthful.

If you think just nude is a little difficult for you to wear, you can always try a nude baby pink first. It contains a bit of color but is pale enough to give you a doll-like look.

Have you found a nude shade that you can’t live without? How do you wear it to keep it from being too nude?

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