Choppy Hairstyle Misses & Fixes

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Celebrities are always on top of the latest fashion and hairstyle trends and thus great role models to imitate, at least fashion-wise. But, like the rest of us, they’re still human and will make mistakes.

Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Watson

A great example of a hairdo faux pas is Vanessa Hudgens’s short do that looks like her hair has been replaced with a mop, it is so raggedy and choppy. Luckily, she had a revelation and decided to fix up that choppy hair into something more fashionably adorable that matches her personality. As you can see,  Hudgens added volume with layers to her short do.  Voilà! Instant glam fix. Alternatively, Hudgens could have done what Emma Watson did, by playing around with tiny braids and weaves.

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Kate GosselinAnother example of a short choppy hair ‘miss’ is Kate Gosselin’s short do. First, her hairstyle screams “I couldn’t decide what hair length to go for, so I went with both!” And this is never a good thing. I understand that Gosselin wanted a short cut, which is great for a busy mom always on the run, but her bangs just don’t match that image. Instead, Gosselin should’ve given herself short sideswept bangs. However, what she does next is a great fix:  growing out her hair and cutting it into an A-line bob.  I especially love her sideswept bangs. This gives her a youthful look, which she obviously wants to achieve. An A-line is also pretty low-maintenance, as I’ve seen with my sister, who just showers and blow dries her bob.

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Scarlett JohanssonFinally, Scarlett Johansson’s medium boyish cut in 2008 (that looked more like a mullet) was completely wrong for her delicate facial features. When she updated that look to a medium length choppy do, it screamed for a hot oil treatment. Even though the new red hair color worked great on her skin tone, the cut itself looked shabby, as though she had taken a pair of razors to it. Luckily, Johansson was seen at the Oscars earlier this year with a layered version of that same medium hairdo, also seen later with curls. Both of these hairstyles worked better for Johansson, as they brought out her feminine side and gave her hair body and “oomph.”

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Trust me,  layers are an instant fix when it comes to bad choppy hairstyle ‘misses’.  Plus, they’ll add more volume to your hair and give it a youthful bounce. Layers are so versatile that they’ll work on all hair lengths: from short to long hair.

Hairstyle Tips for Your Face Shape

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