Dating 101: Online Dating Pro’s and Con’s

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Over 40 million singles in the United States of America had tried online dating. And yes, it’s growing. One out of five relationships start online and most of them are far more successful than those who started dating the classic way.

I tried it out just for the heck of it and you know what, it’s totally fun. I found out that there are a lot of really good looking men looking for love. Hmmmm…. my kind of guys.

So is online dating really for you?

Let’s start with the pros. There’s a lot of it actually so I’m going to start with..

Good looking men.

Yes ladies, I’m talking about Brad Pitt look-a-like, with a hint of Bradley Cooper, a little bit of Hemsworth brothers here and there and Usher Raymond’s smile. I just don’t know if you like that combination but there’s a lot of them there. The great thing is, you don’t have to bat your eyelashes and must have perfect skin and perfect smile or just plain Ms. perfect to start a conversation with them or get noticed. With just a click you can have a conversation and get to know this mystery guy who caught your eyes and start to make things happen.

Talk for hours.

If you’re the kind of girl who’s into conversation, then girl, this is so for you! Since you’re not together physically, you get to tell him what you did at work, how your day went, what you had for lunch and describe it to him vividly so he can imagine it. Now that doesn’t happen much when you’re with a guy physically right? You get to talk about what you’re favorite movie is and why it’s your favorite and he’ll be interested and he’ll ask you stuff that makes you want to indulge more in your conversation.

More open for possibilities.

If it’s wrong to go out with different guys every time you want in the real world, in the digital world it’s normal. Talking about more fishes in the sea! It’s like a dating game where you get to meet different guys at the same time. Then you get to choose who you like best based on your compatibility.

Being yourself all the time.

Sometimes in the real world, we want to be liked all the time that we forget who are. We tend to be someone else that we’re not, to impress a man we like. In virtual world it’s not, it’s way different.  You get to be more expressive since he’s not around to see who you really are. You need to describe yourself to him so he’ll know you more. You can be very honest and still he’ll like you because you’re opening your life to him. Tell him the crazy stuff you did and what you want to try out which really works because you’ll get him hook.

The excitement’s maintained.

What I like most about online dating is that, the excitement is always there. It’s like a roller coaster ride. You can get into a relationship with a guy you haven’t met before. You know his likes and dislikes but you’ve never been with him physically. You’re always wondering how it’ll feel to touch him for the first time. Your mind will play this vivid imagination about the things you want to do with him. Specially when he talks about how he wants you, it makes your body scream for wanting him.

Of course when there are pros there will always be disadvantages. Number 1 on my list is:

You’ll get carried away.

I’m talking about over sharing. You tend to talk about yourself more that the next thing you knew you’d give them your social security number. Yes I get it you are a talker and wants to give out almost everything. Just try to be a little mysterious. Guys like it more if you let them ask stuff about you.

Too many freaks.

Yes I said earlier there are a lot of men looking for love. But there are more men who are far from good looking wanting to see what you got. So be careful in entertaining some guys don’t just trust them right away. They might not be the one you’re looking for. Be more selective and most of all be patient in dealing with them. Sometimes they never get the word “NO”.

Things are not what they appear.

You won’t really know if these guys are true or not. Since they tend to tell you what they wanted, you can’t be sure if they are the real deal. Still you need to be careful on who you are taking to and getting interested with by asking some personal questions and read between the lines with every answer they give you.

No matter how you find your Mr. Right just stay true to yourself. You have to put in your mind to take a little risk and most of all have fun!

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