Do These and Never Struggle With Portion Control Ever Again

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Inspired by Aristotles philosophy the “golden mean”, portion control came into being. The Greek philosopher claims that “Healthy Eating” is the desirable mean between the two extremes of deficiency and excess, namely in the customary term – of not eating enough and overeating. Through portion control, you are able to eat a healthy balance of food of different variety, amount and type but only in right serving sizes. There is no deprivation, but only a limitation of the possible intake.

…with the right method and frequent practice, you can definitely do this at ease.
Many find portion control difficult, because it is so easy to be tempted and lure to do much eating once meet head-on with their favorite foods. But, with the right method and frequent practice, you can definitely do this at ease.

Why do portion control? With portion control: 1) you don’t need to memorize a list of food that you should and shouldn’t eat;  and 2) you don’t need to skip meals in order to attain the weight you long been aiming for. Portion control requires only one thing to be wholly effective, and that is discipline.

Portion Control and Weight Loss: In order to lose weight, one must be able to comply with the following methods:

#1 Dividing Fraction

Using your plate as the pie, portion control will certainly come easy.  This way of dieting can be used effectively even if you are invited to a party, at home, in a restaurant or visiting a friend’s home.  Before eating, visibly imagine in your plate the following portions: 1/2 for fruits (mangoes, strawberries, or grapes) and vegetables (carrots, broccoli, beans or lettuce), 1/4 for protein (chicken, beef or fish) and the other 1/4 is for carbohydrates (whole grain pasta, brown rice or a bread).

Manage your weight one portion at a time with this Meal Measure tool.

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Meal Measure follows the USDA My Pyramid serving sizes and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

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#2 Size Matters

For you to not to be enticed in getting so much food, prefer using a smaller plate. And in that small platter, fill it up using the same ratio as provided above, namely 1/2 fruits and vegetables, 1/4 each for both carbohydrates and protein. Through this style of eating, you will be able to eat what you want, no deprivation at all!

#3 Keep the Dishes Away

Studies reveal that overeating is greatly reduced once there is a need for you to get up and get another batch of food from your stove or kitchen counter. Refrain from bringing the serving dishes to your table. Try doing this in your every meal and without doubt, your daily calorie intake will definitely be reduced. So always make sure that the pots and pans are away from the food table in every meal time.   

Keep in mind that the above tips are sure-fire effective as long as you have the discipline to comply with them on a regular basis. Unquestionably, in a matter of time, it will yield weight loss results and all those excess pounds you have will only be a history.

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Dr. Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy Pelz has been serving health to our community for over eighteen years. Her passion is creating simple, easy to implement health strategies for the busy Silicon Valley Family. With a degree in exercise science/nutrition, a postgraduate degree in chiropractic pediatrics and a history as a collegiate athlete, Dr. Mindy has helped thousands of active families implement wellness programs. She has personally worked with several Olympic and Collegiate athletes, academy award winning actors, and musical recording artists. She lectures all over the country teaching people how to drive their own health in whatever direction they chose.

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