Faking The Big “O”

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Ladies let’s be honest. We are good actresses. Let me correct that, awesome actresses… when it comes to our performance in bed. But do you know what your man feels when he finds out that you were just faking?

“Horrible! I want her to enjoy our time in bed and the only way I’ll know that she loves what I’m doing is for her to orgasm.” Jeffrey, 32

“For real I don’t feel like a man.” Mark, 28

“I’ll have to think twice about having sex with her.” Matthew, 30

“Obviously, I don’t think I can trust her!” Andrew, 40

 So what makes us ladies fake it? 


“I work the entire day and I’m already exhausted when I get home. Having sex is not on my list” Amanda, 26

“I don’t feel like I want to do it!” Stacey, 29

“It’s not exciting anymore. I do it because it’s my duty as a wife.” Serena, 32

“I spend too much time with our kids.” Alice, 36

I’m telling you girls, these are just common excuses we are guilty of. We tend to focus more on what’s exhausting instead of doing something about it.  So I’ve come up with some tips that you might surely consider for you to experience that exciting feeling in bed with your man.

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Make Out
Did you know that we are the only animals who can kiss passionately and that it’s one of the ways you can tell you have good chemistry? Kissing is a huge turn on for both men and women and it’s very intimate. It’s where you start pouring your feelings out. It releases some hormones where you want to be explored more by your man and you exploring him… again! Just because you are together for 2 years or more that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the basics. Achieving your orgasm needs a little more work for you and your partner. So start with kissing and don’t forget to close your eyes and let his touch ignite those parts where you wanted him the most. Men just love watching those pretty eyes slightly close when making out. It’s so sexy and so very intimate. So pucker up and start making out like you were in high school!


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Talk Dirty Baby

I dunno, but there’s something about dirty talk that turns men and women on. When my man tells me “You’re so f***ing hot!” in and out of bed, my cheeks will start to turn red and then I always plant a kiss on his mouth.  Dirty talk especially in bed has its power over us girls because men are animals. The bedroom is one of those places where he is true to his self. It’s where he is most honest in what he wants, and ladies let’s be honest, I know you like it. It brings the “bad girl” in you. You start to feel really good and yes, once you feel that way, the love hormones  will start to kick in making you want him more than ever.


Handsome man and sexy woman in bed

Tell him how you want it.
Men are simple. Think about it, they wanted everything as simple as ABC. Don’t expect them to know everything you want because in reality they’ll never figure that out, not unless you tell them.  Telling him “I like that thing you do to me.” is so vague you’re just leaving him confused on what that is. So when in bed girls, be specific in what you want him to do. Like, “I always love the way you cup my ass when I’m straddling you.” This way he will know what drives you nuts when you are in bed with him. He’ll know your weakest spot. How to make you scream for more or make your toes curl! Now that’s exciting! 


Passionate lovers are having sex in the bathroom

Ask him how he wants it
Yes ladies. It’s all part of the love game. Having sex is like dancing with your man. There should be a rhythm. You can’t just bump and grind! Have you tried asking him where he wants to be touched? How fast or slow he wants you to go? If you touch this, lick that and stroke this makes him crazy? I aim to please my man  in bed and if my man is pleased he surely returns the favor.  It sounds really sexy and your man loves it when you ask him if he likes what you are doing to him or what he wants you to do. Believe me as simple as “Do you like it when I…?” phrase will make him grin sexily. Instantly a movie starring you is playing on his head and the things you do.  Now  if that’s not girl power I don’t what is! It’s definitely a boost to your sexual confidence.


Young couple having fun in the kitchen

Be Horny!
Girls, we have the right to be horny! We should pledge that to ourselves.  I mean how can you get in touch with your sexuality if you stop yourself from feeling horny? Like it’s taboo!  Stop that and start thinking on what sex positions you want to try with your man. Men love it when women want them. It’s a huge turn on for them when we start the fun. (You know what I mean.) Unleash that sexy tiger please, get her in the mood and have an awesome, intimate time with the man you love. Like men, we are animals too! The sooner you accept that fact and embrace it, the less you can think of any excuses for you to fake it in bed. 


Five easy tips for my ladies. It is time to look in the mirror and say these words:

“I am a woman. It is my duty to feel good about myself. Being sexy and sexual is not a crime. It is my right to be satisfied and be wanted by the man I love.”

Get in touch with your inner vixen. She’s in there somewhere, it is time for her to come back so you can live again.

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