Finding the Ideal Healthiest Diet for You

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finding your ideal healthy diet

Have you been trying to find a new diet, yet you don’t know which one is best for you? We have taken the time to compare diets side by side so you can try some new meals in the New Year.

Dieting and weight loss is something that people are constantly concerned about. However, getting started can be a hassle with so many diets on the market. Your doctor and nutritionist can help guide you in the right direction, since they are familiar with your health history. However, with the media in your ear it can still be difficult when it comes to making a decision. Therefore, today we are going to discuss the  most popular plans and allow you to learn the basic principles of each . This way you can see which diet is going to be best for you. Nevertheless, keep in mind before you start the new diet plan you need to make sure that you talk it over with your health care provider.

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Healthy smothies

The Fat Burning Diet

This diet is for people who love doing sit-ups or plan to be a swimsuit model. It consists mainly of smoothies. You will not be able to ingest more than 800 calories a day when using the Fat Burning Diet.

The Low Carb Diet

This diet is ideal for butchers and people who watch their blood sugar. It consists heavily of meat eating. You cannot eat pasta, dessert, or drink beer when on the Low Carb Diet. 

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This diet is ideal for anti-aging obsessives and fans of international food. It consists of Chile peppers, garlic, and ginger. You have to cut out fatty meats and French fries for the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet is perfect for farmer’s market fanatics. It consists of olive oil. You will have to eliminate your intake of processed foods and supersized portions.

plant based diet

Plant Based Diet

This diet is ideal for supermodels and animal rights activists. It consists of beans and tofu. When on the Plant Based Diet you are not allowed to eat meat or real cheese.

Wheat Free/ Gluten Free Diet

This diet is ideal for people who have celiac disease or carbophobes. It consists of nut flours, ancient grains, and vegetables. However, when on the Wheat Free/Gluten Free diet you have to eliminate eating everything found in the bread isle.



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