Flirting for Dummies: The Art of Melting Men’s Hearts

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I had been mesmerized by the ladies in movies where they can flirt without even trying. It’s sleek and just plain beautiful! Truly it’s an art. So how do they do it? How can you master it?

Ladies, flirting is a way to express how you feel towards a guy you like. And I know it’s not that easy… at first! You have to practice to make it perfect. I have some easy tips for you to try and at the same time enjoying it!


You read it right. That’s what I call it because literally you are flirting through text. Technology has been a big part of our lives and we can use that to our advantage. Say, you have a crush on a guy at work and you have his number but you don’t know how to talk to him in person. You can start by texting him “Hi” and then try to ask him something work related. It has to start somewhere right? Put a little emoticon too like a smiley or something. This is a good way to start flirting since you are not really facing him and he can’t see your cheeks starting to red whenever he smiles or your pupils dilating when he looks at you. If you are the shy type this will definitely work for you. Because it’s working for me.


This is the simplest and the best way to flirt. Men are attracted to ladies who smiles a lot. It’s showing them that you are approachable and that you are a nice person. Nobody likes to see Ms. Grumpy all the time. Girls who frown a lot are not that pleasing or appealing to any men at all! Smiling is also the most effective way of getting any man’s attention. Try it. I’m sure you’ll get really good results.


Acknowledge is recognizing an act. So ladies, don’t be an ice queen. Start to be sensitive and recognize men when they will look at you in a nice way. You really don’t have to have to talk to them or say hi to them. If they will smile at you there’s no harm in smiling back at them. That’s one way of flirting without even trying hard. And the best thing is, you’ll know that he is interested at you by doing this first move.


Men love a really good conversation. They find it really sexy when you can engage him in a great conversation. It’s like a dance where two parties can enjoy each other’s company without touching. It is how you can tell you are compatible with him. It is where you can definitely flirt, a lot using words.


There’s something about our laughs that makes men addicted to it. They just love it when we giggle. It triggers something in them that makes them more masculine. So ladies when a guy you like cracks a joke try to throw a little laugh. It doesn’t hurt I promise.


Our voice is essential in flirting. I don’t know if you girls notice it but it plays a vital part in flirting. Not all of us have a natural good talking voice. So if you have that gift, use it to your advantage. If you are not convinced that you have a good talking voice, try recording it and listen to it. And if you feel it doesn’t sound that good, well girl, you have to practice. Try to say words that are not sexy and make them sound sexy! Remember practice makes it perfect!

Eye Contact

Nothing beats eye contact when it comes to flirting. It’s like the main ingredient in making a man fall for you. It is kind of hard to pull it off. It needs a lot of confidence and of course you need to relax.  Ladies, give your “I know you want me look”. if you don’t know how to do it, grab a mirror and say it those words and then try to project how you want to look when you do that. Again practice makes it perfect!

So those are just simple tricks which you can definitely use. Remember girls, we have the power to melt men’s hearts! Don’t hesitate to make the first move when you like someone. As simple as smiling at him will give him a signal that you are interested. Be confident on who you are and don’t think too much. Play it cool ladies and remember to have fun with it. Flirting is suppose to be fun and always keep in mind,

“ we are amazing, just the way we are!”

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