Get Fit Get Sexy – March 2015 Magazine Preview

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get fit get sexy march 2015 issue

This month’s Get Fit Get Sexy “get ready for spring” issue is here! From all the latest in fitness to spring cleaning health tips, this edition has everything you need to start the new season on a new leaf and prepare for the blazing summer ahead.

What’s Inside:

  • The Best Exercise to Improve Brain Function
  • Wake Up and Feel Refreshed – How to Stop Being Sleepy in the Morning
  • Muscle Gaining Secrets Made Fast and Easy
  • Never Crash Diet!
  • Overlooked Elements of Fat Loss
  • 6 Contributors to Emotional Eating
  • The Healing Power of Sprouting Seeds
  • Zumba Toning Sticks – Add More Fun in Your Workout
  • 5 Tips for Gorgeous Skin
  • 10 Minutes to a Cellulite-Free Life
  • Bikram Yoga 101
  • Sure Ways to Prevent Sudden Hair Loss
  • Green Lipped Mussels – How are they Beneficial for your Health?
  • 3 Common Visual Problems Lutein Can Help Prevent
  • Bikini Body Transformation Tips
  • Spring Cleaning Health Tips
  • Sushi – More Than Just Raw Fish
  • 3 Ways to Make Your Treadmill Workout More Exciting
  • Can Bad Sleeping Habits Cause Weight Gain?
  • 5 Reasons Why Walnuts Should be Your Favorite Snack
  • Foods That Cause Wrinkles
  • Your Successful Weight Loss Strategy


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Wishing you a happy, healthy and bright spring!

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Moji Tehranian

Moji is a certified personal trainer. She has had the privilege to work with many busy clients who are balancing family, work and fitness. As a busy mom herself with a full-time job and kids, Moji understands that fitness isn't just about working out. To her, fitness is an integral part of the overall balance of life. Moji is also the editor of the branded "Get Fit. Get Sexy." monthly magazine.

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