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What exactly are gratis makeup samples? … is the question you’re probably asking yourself . (Actually, I learned about this term not long ago as well, so don’t worry: we’re almost in the same boat here.)

Gratis makeup samples are actually just any  free (or very cheap) makeup samples  provided by makeup companies (L’Oreal, Maybelline, The Face Shop and Missha,  for example, and others), beauty retailers (like Sephora and Ulta), and online deluxe sample sites (Birchbox is a popular one).

Let me explain to you a little about how each works.

Makeup companies usually love giving new customers and loyal customers opportunities to try out their new products, so they’ll send out coupons for free products or extraordinary discounts for you to redeem at stores that sell their brand of makeup. This is usually the case with L’Oreal and Maybelline and other common drugstore brands.

On the other hand, Korea-based beauty companies like The Face Shop and Missha have a tendency to give many trial size samples in tiny bottles and packages with your purchases — so you can try before you buy. And, trust me, this tactic definitely works. Not only do you have a chance to find out what you like, you can also figure out what you don’t like. The second part is very important because you wouldn’t really want to be stuck with a 50ml bottle of something  costing US$30 that’ll just sit on your dresser.

Another group of generous gratis makeup givers are beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta. They are famous for their free samples with every purchase, which they constantly advertise. In fact, that is one of the perks of purchasing from retailers like this because you get to try many different brands you’ve never had a chance to before — and some you might not even have heard of. And we also have to mention their great point-redemption reward schemes!

Sephora also offers deluxe samples of many products — my favorites are the deluxe samples of popular perfumes like Marc Jacob’s Daisy where the bottles are the mini, baby versions of the full size bottles — I know, talk about cute. You can either try out the scent or get them in addition to your beloved full size bottles. It’s a win-win situation and you have a cute bottle as decoration after you’re done!

I actually had an experience with Sephora where the store gave me an entire small Sephora bag full of full size best-selling products as an apology (I’ll spare you the details of my complaint). But they more than made up for the previous problem with great follow-up customer service and a number of full size gratis samples. I got a couple of brand name lipsticks and foundations, as well as some Sephora brand facial products that included foam face wash and face cream. Of course, please don’t see that as a method to get gratis makeup (and I was actually really surprised when I received it), but it’s another way that I’ve acquired them before and I wanted to share it with you. Employees get full size gratis samples though, so maybe you can apply to Sephora if makeup’s your thing? is also popular in giving away a bag full of goodies, in fact they are offering a  FREE sample-filled overnight Kitty Bag by Daryl K with any $100 Purchase. A lot of frequent shoppers of the site religiously wait for these kind of offers. If you want to take a stab at getting your first ever gratis, then click the image below.

FREE sample-filled overnight Kitty Bag by Daryl K with any $100 Purchase

Lastly, I want to talk about sites like Birchbox as an affordable try-before-you-buy method. The rules of the site are quite simple—by paying US$10 monthly, you get four to five deluxe mini-size samples  in your mailbox. If you happen to like those items, then you can purchase the full size from Birchbox. It’s fairly simple and you do get to try many new products. The only downside would be that you can’t pick your own products — they’re randomly selected according to taste preferences you have stated in your profile. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth a try for makeup junkies who love trying out new things .

I’ve introduced several ‘legit’ ways to get yourself some gratis makeup samples. Do remember not to give out personal information to random websites advertising free samples. You’re better off sticking with bigger and more well-known brands .

How about you? How do you get your hands on makeup samples before you buy the full size product?

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