Good Cop, Bad Cop: Brown Fat vs. White Fat

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When people hear the word fat they automatically think that its bad and its something that they need to get rid of. However, when it comes to brown fat, it is something that you actually need to keep.

Brown fat, which some refer to as brown adipose tissue, is a fat that we need to have in our body because it burns calories quickly especially when you are exposed to colder temperatures.

White fat on the other hand is used to store calories and brown fat uses the white fat for fuel, which in return causes your body fat to be reduced. Currently, studies are being performed to see if it is possible to have the body replace white fat with brown.

Additional Information about Brown Fat

Humans and animals are born with brown fat. Infants store their brown fat in their upper portion of their back and trunk areas to make sure that they are warm. Originally, researchers thought that when infants grow into adults they no longer have brown fat but it has now been proven that this fat is present when cold climates are encountered or exercise takes place. Furthermore, it has been shown that obese people are the ones who have small amounts of brown fat or none at all. It appears that slim people have more brown fat, which is probably a result of them being slim. Interestingly, women and young individuals have more brown fat then men and the elderly. When you have brown fat, your metabolism can be enhanced up to 80% and you will have no problem staying warm. Adults have brown fat in their lower necks and clavicles based on PET scans that were performed on subjects when they were exposed to a cold climate.

What Researchers Think About Fat

Researchers are just now discovering what activates brown fat. They have also discovered that people who have a low bone mineral density also have a low amount of brown fat. Therefore, they conclude that brown fat is better to have than white fat because it can assist with losing weight. It also helps insure that you have good bone health. They still have a lot of work to do. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that soon they will have figured out what it takes to help people develop more brown fat.

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Moji is a certified personal trainer. She has had the privilege to work with many busy clients who are balancing family, work and fitness. As a busy mom herself with a full-time job and kids, Moji understands that fitness isn't just about working out. To her, fitness is an integral part of the overall balance of life. Moji is also the editor of the branded "Get Fit. Get Sexy." monthly magazine.

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