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Celebrities live in the world of magic wherein they go into transformations one after the other in a matter of minutes. This is one of the perks of being a celebrity. A lot of popular Hollywood celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian go from short hair to long, flowing locks whenever they feel like it. They can go from black to blonde in just a short time. These are the wonders of  Hair Extensions .

What Women Want

A lot of women desires long, lustrous hair. Some women get envious when they see “hair porn” or what most people call “photos of great hair”. These are usually photos of long, thick, and silky straight hair or long, thick, and volumes and volumes of curls. Not a lot of women have such hair and these kinds of hair are what every woman would love to have. And it’s not only women who prefers these types of long hair but men too! If you ask, most men strongly favour the long, lustrous straight or curly hair. I, for one, don’t prefer short hair. I have pictures when I was a kid with very short hair and I hated it and swore to myself never to cut my hair short ever again. I even lasted 2 years without a haircut just to keep my hair long. Let’s just face it, long hair will always be linked to femininity. That’s just the way it is. If you think about it, all Victoria’s Secret Models have long, luscious sexy flowing hair right? (except that one time where they tried to advertise a lingerie using a model with short hair…and it didn’t end up good. She used hair extensions hours after the show). Now who doesn’t want to look like an Angel?


Hair Extensions 101

Even women outside Hollywood are discovering the wonders of hair extensions. As a result, it becomes one of the most in-demand salon services. Here are some facts and useful information about hair extensions and what these precious babies can do.

  • Contrary to the popular belief, Hair Extensions are not solely used to lengthen the hair. It is also the solution to women’s common desire for thick hair.

  • Now on to the correct popular belief, hair extensions can turn a Posh Spice into Rapunzel. But, women with longer hair naturally have more choices about which changes they want to have compared to those with really short hair.

  • There are different kinds of hair extensions depending upon the manner that these are used. Some hair extensions are braided in while some extensions are glued in, some hair extensions are woven in, while some are clipped in. Clipped in Hair Extensions are the easiest and you can even put it on your own (just make sure to have someone check if it fits right for you. Don’t rely on your mirror only). You can buy clipped in hair extensions onlinetoo!

  • You need a special brush called a Looper Hair Brush made especially for hair extensions, so you won’t damage your new hair.

  • You have to braid your hair or sleep in a ponytail to avoid bed-head and knots.

  • Make sure to inquire about the weight of the hair extensions because some brand/type can be heavy and it can cause damage and eventually will break your hair.

  • Also, make sure that your extensionist or your stylist gives a  full free consultation  about your hair, which type of hair extension and application suits you, and how will you be able to remove it afterwards. Make sure to have a list of questions ready and get them answered before you get your hair done.


The Price of Beauty

More often than not, beauty is expensive. There are different factors that affect the total cause of hair extensions. First factor is the length and thickness of the extensions. Then, the manner on how the extensions are put in is also considered. The last factor is the quality of the hair extensions used. Hair stylists also have different rates for this service so it is very important that one asks for particular details especially when working on limited budget. Geography plays a part as well. NYC, LA and Chicago salons are more expensive than the smaller towns across the US.

A good price range would start from $500 to $1500 up. Never go for a salon offering $200 for a full head of extensions! Or you’ll say goodbye to your hair afterwards.

The initial setup of the hair extension can be as short as four hours to as long as six hours. It requires regular maintenance which is at least every six weeks.


Hair Stylists/ Extensionist

It is very important to hire professionals for these services. This is a rather sensitive task and it cannot be handled by hair stylists who do not have specific training for hair extensions. The best thing to do is to ask for photos of their previous hair extension jobs. Aside from the process of putting in the extensions, it is also important to know how these are removed. Experienced hair stylists should offer solutions that would keep the damage in taking off the extensions minimal.

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