Hairstyles For Fine Hair

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Hairstyles - Fine Hair

Fine hair is usually limp and flat, and it only gets worse if it isn’t taken care of properly. For instance, my hair is naturally fine, straight, and thin.  (Just to clarify: fine hair is not necessarily thin hair. Thin hair means that you don’t have a lot of strands on your head.) Whenever I skimp on the daily shampoo, my hair tends to get even more flat because of oil build-up. My fine, straight hair has been giving me so many problems that I’ve eventually had it body-waved.  However, for those of you who can’t afford to body-wave your fine hair, I’ll suggest some hairstyles that are quick, easy, and cute .


Dutch Braid

This is my go-to style that I do every morning for work — I work in labs, so the policy is to keep hair out of your face — when I do not have time to spend on styling my hair. However, mine has a twist. I start out with two Dutch braids, one on each side of my head, and braid the two strands into one at the base of my head, to whichever side I want the braid to run down.

Lilith demonstrates how to Dutch braid your hair:

While I like to braid my bangs into my Dutch braid, Lilith likes to pin hers into her braid later on. That’s a little time-consuming for my taste; I prefer to braid it in or let it down. But the choice is yours.


Fine and Flat Hair Best Products

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Half Up – Half down

This is a cute style for fine hair, especially for flat hair. Section your hair into 2 halves: top and bottom. Tease the top half to add volume to your hair. Tie this section as you would a ponytail, and turn the loose hair inward. Ultimately, it should look like the final product in Lilith’s Romantic Half Up Half Down Hairstyle tutorial, but without braiding. To make the look romantic, loosely curl your hair.


Lazy Flip and Done

This is the just-rolled-out-of-bed-too-lazy-to-shower hairstyle. Just flip your hair over your head and volumize it at the roots. Don’t forget to volumize at the nape of your neck! Flip over, tease the hair at your crown and spray again. Finally, end with a shine spray. I use Suave Professional Vibrant Shine. To make this hairstyle extra cutesy, add a flower or bow to your hair.


Celebrities who are Rocking their Fine Hair

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If you have any suggestions, let me know.  I would love to hear your ideas.

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