How About a Valentine’s Day Special?

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Valentine’s Day! A very special day to be cramming for special gifts to show how you love your man! “What can I get him?” you say to yourself with a worried face. You check your favorite online store, Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Saks or any single department store you can think of, for what? Let me guess another pair of socks? How about a tie? Or something fancy like a new watch? I say Nay! Wanna know why? Well, first of all it’s not Christmas where you have to be Ms. Generous.

So, when you go to a department store, what’s the first thing that pops on your mind? A pair of socks which you know too well he has a lot. How about a tie? Come on ladies you can do better than that!

Have you ever thought about giving him a really good V-day gift? I’ve listed a couple of some great ideas which you can have fun with, and I’m sure your man will never ever forget the effort you put into it. He is special right? So let’s make it special and very customized just for him. 

cookingCook for him

If food channel is one of your favorites, then list some recipes you want to try.  They love food next to women. Nothing beats home cook meals my darlings. So start practicing to get it just right. Have some friends over for same taste test. Always keep in mind that “Men have only two emotions. If he is not horny make him a sandwich.”

lunch sexLunch sex

Have you ever wonder how it feels to visit him at work wearing a trench coat with nothing underneath but that sexy lingerie? Now this Valentine’s Day is the best day to do that! Wear the shade of lipstick he likes. The perfume he loves, pair it with those killer heels and go straight to his office and just have sex! Yes on his desk, or on the couch, or his chair! You’ll never run out of choices. What makes it exciting is that, there will be people outside his office and I’m sure they’ll be guessing. Isn’t that hot? Its time to unleash the naughty side of you!

Very sexy woman in kinky nurse outift isolated on black backgroundRole play

I just love role playing! Remember when you were a kid and you play doctor, or nurse or teacher? It’s kinda the same but more on the sexual side. Imagine yourself entering your bedroom where your man is waiting for you. You’ll be in a sexy nurse costume and then you’ll ask,  “Is there a sick boy in this room?” I’m so sure his face will brighten up with the biggest smile ever!


A quick assignment: Get online. Google Kama Sutra and yes you read it right. Wanna know why? Because of the simple fact that it was made for pure pleasure.  For us to find out which position we enjoy our man in bed. To let him explore you and discover your body again and again. So do as I say then take a good look at it and surprise him by whispering on his ear how badly you want to try the “lotus” position. He’ll be out of his clothes in a split second!

sexual teaserThe striptease

I always love the thought about strip teasing. It’s so sexy and naughty! It drives every man crazy. Once his attention is locked in, you have him under your spell. Oh yeah! Now literally that’s called girl power! So why not give it a try? If you say you have two left feet and that you don’t look good when you’re dancing get into a dance class, or hit the gym. There are a lot of fitness centers who gives striptease classes. Not only you can give your man a good show on V-day but you get to burn those stubborn calories… Talking about multitasking!

So ladies give this list a go. Our man always loves the thought that we put a little more effort for the small things we do for them. Small things always count. Who knows you might make everyday your Special Valentine’s Day.

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