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In the workplace, most people are always on the lookout for ways to impress their bosses and get ahead of others in their career. While some make a significant and rapid rise through successive ranks, others are stuck in a single place making little or no progress over time. The latter case is very frustrating, but the fact remains,  there are principles known to those who get ahead  that are unknown to those who are experiencing slow growth. Once implemented, you naturally get ahead of the pack. This article brings to the forefront some of these principles and how they can be harnessed to the advantage of employees irrespective of the workplace terrain.

Develop Effective Interpersonal Skills.

Most people who are ahead of their contemporaries have taken time off to effectively develop themselves with respect to interpersonal relationships. Most employees take this for granted, but that is a grave mistake that hurts your chances of getting ahead. How do you relate with colleagues during and after work hours, how do you relate with your superiors and subordinates at work? The better your interpersonal skills, the higher your chances of being recommended for higher responsibilities.

Dress The Way You Want To Be Addressed.

Your outfit says a lot about you. When you get to work, never dress like you are recovering from a hangover or look like you just woke up from bed. Go to work in your best, looking smart and productive. You never can tell how many positive impressions you send out by just dressing appropriately.

Be Innovative.

Those who get ahead in their career are those who are always in search of newer ways of doing things. As long as you choose to do things the old way, demonstrating no sense of innovation, you are not fit for higher responsibilities. Employers are looking for people who can drive a change in the direction of performing tasks more efficiently and speedily. You need to be that person.

Be A Leader.

When the opportunity presents itself, always take the lead. This makes you stand out in your own way. Achieving this is not difficult. You do not need to be rude or pushy about this; this can be achieved by being diplomatic, offering outstanding and remarkable contributions when the opportunity arises. If your supervisor is unavoidably absent, have a sense of initiative and perform in his office, report to his superior and explain every detail. This will prepare you ahead of time for the great move.

Always Maintain The Bigger Picture.

In your quest to move ahead in your career, never lose sight of your ultimate goals. Many do so along the way and it is dangerous. Always maintain the bigger picture. Write it down somewhere and take steps on a daily basis to achieve your goals. If there is nothing that motivates you in your present company, do not be afraid to make a move. Do not get emotionally attached to your present employers; remember, it is all about making significant progress in your chosen career.

The bottom line is this: if you want to get ahead of the competition in your chosen field, you need to stand out from the pack. You cannot be indifferent toward organisational goals and objectives and expect to be promoted. You were hired to add value to the company, so just do that and you are surely on your way to the top.

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Juvy Bandiwan

Juvy is a dedicated woman when it comes to her family and her career. As a single mother she has her fair share of juggling family, work and life. Juvy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She has worked in accounting for several companies. As the Career & Finance Editor, she writes from her direct experience. Her column is informative yet easy to read because Juvy writes like she is talking to you directly as a friend.

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