How To Know He’s Into You (Straight from Men)

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First impressions are made within a few critical seconds. Most guys will naturally make an instinctive judgment call on your entire personality and background within two to three minutes of speaking with you. Is that fair or morally correct? Are guys always right when making these subconscious decisions? Absolutely not, but hey – it’s only human and this works both ways with girls, too.

There are a few signs that you should look for when a guy first approaches you, so that you can immediately know if he’s into you.

When a guy is casually walking towards you to talk with you, his mind is racing. Don’t let his cool, suave and confident looks make you think otherwise. He’s scanning your body and style as fast as possible for anything to use as an introduction! Many guys will always want to come across as witty and funny upon first impression. If you see his eyes flutter across your face or body then this is the best sign; he’s interested and sees something attractive about you.

Secondly, watch a guy’s body language closely to see if there is any change in confidence when another guy is close by. Straight men are naturally competitive around girls who we’re attracted to; we’re just animals after all! Briefly watch a guy’s chest to see if he gently pushes it outwards (briefly, seriously). This is a sign of dominance that competitive men will absolutely use it to their advantage. Watch for the chest, girls…it’s a sign that that we’re competing for you. And we all know you enjoy being competed for….

Your third sign that he’s into you, is determined by his tone of voice. How he says something has a huge psychological impact about what he actually says. According to Albert Mehrabian (Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA) something like 35-40% of messages that we send are interpreted by tone of voice. If his tone of voice suddenly drops in depth as he speaks with you, that’s a great indicator that he wants to ask you out at some point (or at least hook up). If his tone of voice has actually gotten higher as he’s talking with you, he could either be scared shitless or is just playing the “romantic guy” card.

The final fourth and fifth signs that he’s into you are both verbal. Did he verbally infer that he wants to do some sort of activity with you, but maybe he didn’t blatantly ask you out? Does he want to go on vacation with you? There’s no way that he wants to just see some sights.  If he asks you to go on a long vacation, he wants to sleep with you. Or maybe he DID openly ask you out to some sort of event like going to the movies or dinner. You can now absolutely, without a doubt, know that he’s into you.

These five signs are extremely good indicators that he’s into you, because most men are the same. We’re competitive humans who are full of testosterone. Guys typically operate the same way so I hope that you girls take advantage of these underlying signs. We enjoy the chase, and if you can figure out how we operate now, we’re going to keep coming up with new signs that you’ll have to look for in the future. Good luck!

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