How to Measure Your Bra Size the Correct Way

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measuring bra size

Women learn many things when they are growing up such as how to take care of the most delicate undergarments, how to try on a swimsuit correctly, and possibly how to look thinner in photos. However, the one thing that they seem to miss learning is how to measure their bra sizes the correct way. Therefore, today we are going to discuss the steps on how to measure your bra size the correct way.

Get Your Tape Measure

First, you are going to want to locate a reliable fabric tape measure. If you do not have one, you can easily purchase one from Wal-Mart, the fabric store, and even the drug store.

Wear Your Best Bra

When you measure your breast, it is important that you wear the bra that fits you the best. It should have underwire but no padding. Your breast should not sag so insure your bra is adjusted properly.

Measure Your Band Size

Start by measuring your band size by measuring the trunk of your torso with the tape measure. Look in the mirror to make sure that the tape is in the middle of your back. The number located where the tape meets the front of the torso is your band size.

Measure Your Bust

Breast size changes due to other circumstances such as bloating. Therefore, when measuring your cup size, you want to make sure that it is on a day that will allow you to get the most accurate measurement. Keep in mind you want to be abnormally erect so you can get an accurate measurement. Once you are in position, put the tape straight across your back again and take note of the number.

Figure Out Your Cup Size. 

Your bust and cup size are not the same. For example, if you bust size is less than one inch bigger than your band size your cup size is AA, one inch different is an A, two inches is a B, three inches is a C, four inches is a D, and 5 inches is a DD.

Don’t be afraid to those bigger cup sizes.. the right-fitted bra can help you look slimmer by lifting up your bust to where it should be and showing off more of that rib cage..” as advised a Bra Fitter at Simply Yours Lingerie. Check out the most common bra fitting problems in this video below.

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