How to Use a Concealer in Covering Unwanted Spots or Imperfections

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how to use a concealer

MMany would consider smooth baby skin as the perfect beauty achievement. Nevertheless, it is difficult to have a blemish free skin over the years as there are many problems, which occur that ruin the smooth unbroken perfection. There are some ways by which the marks and other unwanted imperfections could be hidden from view. The most usual way is to use concealer, which can help cover the spots in a simple and easy manner.

Choose A Proper Concealer

The first step to achieving a blemish free skin is to select a proper concealer. First, select a good brand and make sure that the cosmetic will not cause any breakouts on the skin. If you posses sensitive skin use hypoallergenic products, and also oil-free non-comedogenic makeup is good. Test the concealer on your face and choose a product, which suits your skin tone. Always  choose a darker tone than your own skin shade  because it helps blend with skin more as the day prolongs.

Product I love: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer – NC20

MAC Concealer is my everyday concealer because it provides full coverage and instantly brightens my under eyes.


 Basic Concealer Tips

Some basic tips about concealers and their types is that – use light coloured concealers for under eye bags, dark circles and more. Use a green/blue tinted one to cover red and dark spots. Use pointed tip concealers for covering up acnes and pimples.

Steps To Apply Concealer:

woman washing face Prep Your Face

The face is a blank canvas over which the concealer has to be applied. The face must be washed properly and the moisturizer is applied over it.


 Apply The Concealer Completely Covering The Spot

Most important factor while applying concealer is that it must be applied covering every spot. If it is for dark circles then the cream should be applied from the inside of the nose to the lash line.

Concealer-brush Spread Evenly

The cream must be spread evenly over the spot. This can be done with concealer brushes or fingertips. However, make sure that the cream is not rubbed in, as the skin is delicate. It is best to pat or dab the concealer.

Concealer-Spot Cover Up The Spots

After finishing the eyes move on to other spots like acnes and blemishes and touch up these spots quickly. Do not use fingertips over pimples, acne as it can cause breakouts. Also, if you use concealer over a wide area apply thin coatings and spread the edges well.


final-touch-up  Final Touch Up

The final step while covering up your spots and imperfections is to use the foundation over your face. The best one would be to use powder foundation, but at times liquid can stay longer. Spread the foundation over the entire spot making sure to apply a translucent powder that stays on for hours. Also, apply more powder over the spot covered with concealer. 

These are simple and effective steps to put on concealer to achieve flawless skin and maintain perfection. Be aware of new trends and also make a point to choose products which suit your skin and not have allergic reactions. So grab your makeup kit and get ready to be a pro by using concealer.


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