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Curvey Woman in Blue Dress

TThere is no secret that different sized women can’t all wear the same things. It has been said that curvy women have a harder time finding clothing to fit them correctly but that is not the case. Curvy women are smarter shoppers, they always think before a purchase and question if the piece will look good or not.

Finding your shopping mojo..

If you are curvy and still haven’t found your shopping mojo this article is going to be very helpful. If you got it, show it off but you have to do it right! Don’t make the same mistake twice and read this entire article to inform yourself on what looks best on you and what you should avoid.

Most clothing on the shelves are cut small and cling to the body, both of these factors don’t work for every women including the curvy gals. Body hugging materials and clothing extenuate flaws in anyone and don’t do much to help our bigger peers.  Steer clear of frumpy and loose clothing as well . Find that happy medium between too tight and too loose, check out tailored fitted clothing. This isn’t too tight or too loose because it is fitted to you. Along with tailored cuts and fits defining your waist will benefit your body and outfit. Lastly when it comes to dresses and skirts make sure the hem falls above or just below the knee this helps add length to your legs and can slim them down a bit.

Curvy in red ress

But enough of what you can’t have what can you ladies get? There are a whole bunch of things you can still buy.

Start with finding the right undergarments..

Ladies you have to get a proper bra fitting, keep the girls happy! The right bra can put your chest where it belongs and that can slim you down.

No turtlenecks please, show off the cleavage..

Tops are not going to be a problem anymore, button downs are always a classic piece to have and v-necks look amazing on you. Everyone should avoid turtlenecks but you guys especially, as well as high necklines. You have the cleavage show it off!

Skinny jeans are still your best friends..

Jeans may be hard to find and wear, but don’t stray away from skinny jeans just because some skinny chick told you too. Rock those colored or denim jeans!

More sheath dresses..

When it comes to dresses they are the easiest things to wear and most flattering on you. Sheath dresses are a great investment for you ladies.

So remember, tailored fit, bra fittings, v-necks, skinny jeans are okay and dresses are your best friends!

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Ana has always been passionate about Beauty and Fashion. After graduating from Miriam College with a degree in Communication Arts, she pursued her long-time dream to become a make-up artist. Ana completed Hi-Def (HD) Beauty & Fashion Makeup and Hi-Def Pro Airbursh Makeup training at HD Makeup Studio & Academy. With her background in PR and Marketing, Ana is also a Social Media Maven. Offline, Ana loves traveling, reading books, cooking, and anything related to beauty, fashion, technology, cars and entertainment.

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