Keep Your Jewelries Clean Ladies!

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Jewelry’s sparkle fades in due time, but people want these precious gems to have the same radiance as when they first wore it. It would be best to go to professional jewelry cleaners to make sure they regain that glow that they used to have. However, with your hectic schedule, sometimes you can’t include going to professional jewellery cleaners.

The best alternative is to  clean your jewelry at home . There are plenty of tips and tricks being offered out there, especially online, on how to clean your jewelry at home. But some advice may just not be worth experimenting on your jewelry. You actually have all the resources you need at home to clean your jewelry.

Here’s your simple guide to cleaning your jewelry at home:

Diamonds with ammonia. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, these ladies must also be introduced to ammonia. Put your dirty diamond in a cup of warm water that has a mix of a quarter cup ammonia. Let it soak in the water solution for about 15 minutes. Brush off the grime left, especially on the crevices and underneath the diamond.

Gemstones and gold with white vinegar. White vinegar is another very effective element in cleaning gemstones and gold. Just soak your jewelry in a jar of vinegar for 10 – 15 minutes. Stir the jewelry occasionally and brush off the dirt with a soft-bristle toothbrush, if needed.

Pearls and turquoise with simple soap and water. With pearls, turquoise and other small porous jewelry, simple soap and water can bring them back to their natural glow. Prepare two cups of warm water with a little amount of a mild-detergent. Dip your pearls in that solution and then use a dry cotton cloth to wipe them dry. After that, lay the jewelry flat to let them dry. Turquoise is even easier to clean. You simply have to dip your soft-bristle toothbrush in water and use it to brush of the tarnish on your turquoise. Use a clean cloth to wipe the water off and let the air dry it for some hours before putting it in your jewelry box.

You can also clean any jewelry with: 

Antacid. Put two antacid tablets in a glass of warm water, and then add your jewelry for two minutes. Finally, remove and rinse.

Aluminum foil and baking soda. Put crumpled aluminum foil on a tray. Then put your jewelry on the foil. Add baking soda on top of your jewellery, and then put boiling water on it. This way, the tarnish on your jewellery will transfer to the foil. Flip or move the jewelry to hit the right spots. Remove the jewelry after that then rinse with water.

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