Let’s Talk About Sex: Why It Is Essential

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You could make the argument that sex is an art form. It’s an act of two separate bodies coming together into connection for hopefully at least 5 to 20 minutes. It’s beautiful. More importantly, it’s just natural…and healthy – physically and mentally.

“Those who abstain from the beauty of sex will likely find themselves less energized, motivated and confident than those who regularly conquer their partner’s five to seven inches of man-flesh.”
Sex is so essential because it’s the utmost intimate activity that can occur between a man and a woman. Some women are unaware that when they have sex, a hormone called Oxytocin is released in the brain. In combination with dopamine, this is what’s believed to make your bedroom fantasies truly intimate and exciting. If you were naive to this tricky little hormone called Oxytocin, then this is the point in your life where you’ll realize that you should really like the man (or men, I’ll withhold my judgment) who you’re having sex with. What I mean is that you should think hard about your sexual partner.

Why, you might ask? Well… get this – your brain is telling you that you deeply trust whoever you’re having sex with. Regardless if you think you may like that person or not! You can thank human genetics for that possibly deceptive little feature of science. Men also produce oxytocin, so we share similar traits in that same sexual way…but the hormone is still being researched and it’s sort of a mystery as to how it fully works.

My best guess is telling me that you probably do trust whoever you’re having sex with because I’m assuming you’re out of college and are done with having three-night stands. Okay, or maybe you aren’t done with that. That’s cool, I get that more women are independent and are marrying later on in life now. Everyone deserves an extra few years of freedom.

Whether you’re single, married, have a boyfriend or girlfriend…don’t forget to get weird in the bedroom or kitchen for at least a few nights per week. I understand that people get busy and life gets out of control in other ways sometimes. Yet sex is the one aspect of life that can remain consistently awesome every single week, when we put some effort into it.


There is a universal urge for intimacy, for trading subjectivities, in communication. For Telepathy. Our desire for it tells us about what we wish to be: truly intersubjective beings.
David Porush

The video below suggests a condition each and everyone of us are in: the human desire for intimacy, that we desire to become one. Watch the video below and get inspired!


Are you bored as a couple? I don’t even want to hear that lame excuse. Get to living again! Have sex in your freakin’ backyard if you have to spice things up. Let the kids know that you’re going “camping” for the night. There’s just no excuse to be made for being bored with life – there are way too many possibilities, in the bedroom and out.

If you can dedicate at least one or two hours every single week solely to intimacy and sex, your outlook on life will begin to kick ass again if it hasn’t already been that way lately. This is a mutual reward too. Your man will also be on his A-game as long as you’re opening up your heart, love and legs to him.

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