Look 10 Pounds Lighter with these Optical Tips & Tricks

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For those who love fashion and style, but are concerned about their ‘trouble areas’ and dread the thought of wearing head-to-toe black every single day- you can now rest easy.  With just a few simple style tips and tricks, you’ll go from awkward to awesome with minimal effort, time and money. 


Know your shape:

Different Body ShapesAre you a pear, apple, hourglass, tall, petite, or athletic build? If you’re a pear who is constantly wearing apple-shaped items, you’re clothes will not compliment your body as they should and will appear poorly fitted. They will highlight (bad) things on your pear-shaped body while diminishing the positive features you would like to highlight. Knowing your shape is the most important part of looking and feeling amazing!

Color, cut, and panel:

The most common style trend right now that adds a slimming factor is color blocking, which is a technique used to provide a ‘break’ illusion effect around the body’s shape. There are many different color patterns to choose from, but it’s best to start with side panels. Grab several different color blocking tops, dresses, and skirts when you’re out shopping and try them on in the dressing room! Dressing rooms are meant to provide shoppers with the best and brightest lighting with several viewing angles. They may be intimidating, but they serve a purpose. It’s like fashion’s AA.

Check out these color blocked dresses below:

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Know your size:

A female consumer shopping in an indoor store
Channel your inner Goldilocks when it comes to styling your self. Most women either wear clothes that are too big or too small. Both make you look larger than you are. Weight fluctuates and patience always run thin, but it’s always important when shopping that you try on an item you like. You’ll never know exactly how a piece will look and feel on you unless you wear it.

Try on every item you want to buy in 3 different sizes: the size you think are you, then one size down and one size up. In a recent study, 46 per cent of women admitted to wearing clothes, which are too big or small, with 73 per cent of those women ending up wearing garments that were a whole size different.

Lastly, it’s recommended that you use designer techniques, as every look that walks the runway is hand-styled to give the models the most slimming allusion. Whether it is an cinched belt, high-waisted skirt with cropped top, or pencil pants with a delicate blouse, these are all looks that are designed to make outfits look best on the female body. When it comes to looking your best, why not learn the ways of those who design the clothes? Just a thought!



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Ana has always been passionate about Beauty and Fashion. After graduating from Miriam College with a degree in Communication Arts, she pursued her long-time dream to become a make-up artist. Ana completed Hi-Def (HD) Beauty & Fashion Makeup and Hi-Def Pro Airbursh Makeup training at HD Makeup Studio & Academy. With her background in PR and Marketing, Ana is also a Social Media Maven. Offline, Ana loves traveling, reading books, cooking, and anything related to beauty, fashion, technology, cars and entertainment.

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