Major Myths About Women And Work Debunked

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Women have been working in the corporate world for a long time, but until now, there are still those who seek parity with men in the workplace. A lot of women, especially those affiliated with feminist organizations, claim that there is still severe gender inequality in the workplace. But the truth is, men and women have different aspirations in their careers and it is expected that they will have different outcomes at work.

Here are some of the major myths about women and work:

  • If more women will be employed, gender equality can be achieved. This is a myth because there are more employment opportunities for women in female-dominated industries, which are usually high-class jobs. More women who are less driven with lower educational attainment will also be coming in to the workforce. This will only diminish gender equality.
  • With more women attaining high-ranking jobs, gender equality will be promoted. This is another myth, because this will just magnify the difference between men and women in the workplace. Women who are in higher positions tend to remain childless or hire someone else to take care of their children to juggle employment and personal life. On the other hand, men who are married with children have their partners remain housewives to take care of their children.
  • Men and women have equal careerist attitudes. This is a major myth, because the truth is there are three types of women when it comes to career. The first type of women are very career-oriented. The second type is more concerned about family life. While the third type of women are those who want a successful career while still being able to handle family life. On the other hand, most men are career driven with their eyes set on their goals.
  • Women want to be independent from men and prefer to earn on their own. Even though this sounds really good, this is another myth. Studies show that more women still prefer to marry a man with higher education and make more money. Even though equality among men and women has been pushed, the idea of women being financially dependent on men has not yet lost its popularity. Parity among men and women in family roles are not very popular among some professionals.
  • Women who become mothers don’t have a careerist attitude. This myth is due to an old traditional thinking that every issue or problem that a woman brings to her workplace is related to being a mother. Another traditional norm is that mothers should stay at home and nourish their children. These traditions and norms discourage mothers from working. But not all mothers are affected by these popular beliefs; there are women who have a careerist attitude despite having children. These mothers look for more flexible jobs or part-time, home-based jobs.

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Juvy is a dedicated woman when it comes to her family and her career. As a single mother she has her fair share of juggling family, work and life. Juvy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She has worked in accounting for several companies. As the Career & Finance Editor, she writes from her direct experience. Her column is informative yet easy to read because Juvy writes like she is talking to you directly as a friend.

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