Men’s Thoughts on Insecure Women?

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Like many of life’s greatest questions, this one isn’t so different. The answer is honestly that “it depends.” Have no worries though, I’ll break this down in-depth for you to really provide a clear understanding of whether men are attracted to insecure women or not.

Consider the following scenario: Two beautiful women who are friends with each other are chatting together and sipping Riesling at an upscale bar. They’re immediately approached by two handsome guys who want to make a bold introduction. Which one of the two gentlemen will speak first to the gorgeous women? Well…the more confident of the two men will likely speak first. On top of him not only speaking first, he’ll most likely direct his conversation to one of the two women who he’s most attracted towards, leaving his wingman to mingle with the presumably “less secure” woman.

This scenario plays out time and time again; I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. Did you catch the connection that was made? The more confident men of the world will usually be most attracted to their equal counterparts – confident women. Confident women are secure, sexy and oftentimes unapproachable by insecure men.

This really just reflects the premise of the law of attraction, or the theory that “like attracts like.” You know how this goes. If you’re a bold and action-taking woman then you’re probably interested in a man who lives a similar lifestyle. The theory that “opposites attract” only truly applies to physical beauty. It’s rare that two people who have two completely different outlooks on life come together as a couple. We desire similar characteristics in our hottest partner’s.

Men will naturally be attracted to women who are equally as secure as themselves. So yes – men are absolutely attracted to women who are insecure. This isn’t necessarily a good thing for either sex but it’s pretty commonplace. Men are also attracted to women who are completely secure – God I love women who are like this. Women who are sure of themselves and know exactly what they want are the sexiest.

All of this doesn’t mean that secure men can’t find insecure women to be attractive. I think that this actually happens quite a lot but only based on physical attractiveness. Once men realize the insecurities of women who are unconfident then I think that attraction starts to quickly fade.

Being secure with your personality and body brings an amazing feeling of confidence that is priceless. This security will naturally have the highest-quality men being attracted to you and approaching you. That’s probably a good thing, because your sense of security would weed out the unconfident guys from approaching you…it’s a competitive world out there ladies. However I think that having a HINT of insecurity goes a long way for keeping you sharp and on top of your game. If you become overly-secure then you’re in for a surprise when life throws a curveball your way. Be 98% secure and 2% insecure, and you’re ready to take on the world.

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