My Beautiful Woman: The Unbreakable Bond Between Mom and Daughter

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To become a mother is not just by blood. It takes a strong woman to take the responsibilities of others who abandoned their children.

It’s rare to find those soft-hearted people who will sacrifice their own happiness just to lend a helping hand. It’s not just about helping someone, but having that responsibility for a lifetime. They give without expecting anything in return even if others people may judge them. They are those brave souls who never prioritize their own needs as they would rather help by sharing what could be the littlest that they have to these little angels who needed them most.

This proves that “unconditional love” still exists, not just by blood. They are the lucky ones who would never lose that chance of having a child and be a mother that would always care and love.

Living amidst the reality of life, the woman in the video, still managed to take care of the child and showed the child the true meaning of an unbreakable relationship between a mother and daughter.

Our mothers taught us what it means to love unconditionally – to give and not expect anything in return.  They may not have uttered it in words, but we’ve seen it through their actions.  

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