No Dillydallying with Your Pet Project of Gardening

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Life is too short for dillydallying with a matter or two – especially if it’s a matter of choice, such as gardening on a tract of land at your home. It is however a matter of choice what you would like to do with your property as its owner. Some would opine for growing vegetables out there and some would be in favor of flowers.

While flowers on such a small scale do not help you in matters of your finances; your vegetables would invariably help with your grocery bill. Moreover you stand to double the chances of your happiness by way of fulfilling your desire for flowers and by letting the flowers grow into fruits, alias vegetables.

ABC’s of Vegetable Gardening on a Tract of Land or in a Kitchen Garden:  

ABC’s of kitchen gardening asks you to assign the objective first into your priority so that you can be attack your target instead of beating around the bush. If your objective is to grow some kitchen supplies, then perhaps you should target the vegetables that grow quickly such as seasonal vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower or lettuce. Let us explore a bit further on growing cabbage in your kitchen garden.

  • The first step begins with making the soil ready. To do this effectively, you must till the soil with a spade or whatever is handy so that the surface remains crumbly. Add fertilizer, manure or wastes which will decompose fast and essentially make the soil fertile.

  • On the soil thus prepared, spread seeds of cabbage and rinse water so that the surface remains wet until the seeds germinate.

  • Once seeds are germinated, wait for the seedlings to grow. This may take a week or so based on the average weather conditions in your area. Then uproot the seedlings carefully so that their roots remain intact along with the fresh leaves.

  • Create rows in the soil and then sow seedlings of cabbage again in the rows at an equivalent distance of nearly one foot. Water the shallow trenches thus created at regular intervals.

  • Take preventive care against pests and use fertilizers.


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