Pensive Technology That Says ‘No’ To Food

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fat shaming bra

Time and tide wait for none – so goes a maxim which says the universal truth about getting along the time and style with a view to become a winner in life. A winner does not do different things so as to become successful in life; he/she rather does things differently. This universal truth has been exemplified by many facts around us such as the extinction of Dinosaurs.

As there are two sides of a coin, so it goes with each product or service. When Galileo first said the sun doesn’t go around the earth; rather it’s the earth that goes around the sun. Galileo was presumed insane and was kept under house arrest until his death for talking against current beliefs at that time. Thankfully we are in the 21st century wherein science and technology have played a greater role in shaping our present-day living alongside of shaping the future.

In an endeavor to that direction, the software and hardware major Microsoft is developing a bra that cautions ladies about overeating while in use. This bra is popularly known as fat shaming bra. Ladies in general are however despising it as a whole without realizing the fact that it too can bring about positive changes in their lives.

What is a fat shaming bra?

A fat shaming bra can ideally be termed as a gadget that claims to be the future of bras, and it is being developed by none other than Microsoft for commercialization. This fat shaming bra looks like a normal bra from the outside that has devices stitched inside facing the breasts.

How does this fat shaming bra work?

This bra, while in use, aims to caution its owner about the excess eating that she’s doing through beeps. This signal is generated through the censor that is attached inside the bra and is powered by battery.

Ladies tested so far however do not like this beep as they complain of stress eating. I would however like to conclude here that it’s a product still in its nascent stage and not available commercially. It is therefore too early to discard it as a product of no use and / or going all out against the same.

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