Perfect Pitch 2: Bring It Rebel Wilson!

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Rebel Wilson

Perfect Pitch 2 is in the works and is slotted to be released in 2015. Of course, the movie will be awesome but one of the factors that will make it so great is the fact that Rebel Wilson will be returning as Fat Amy. She made the first Perfect Pitch beyond funny and we know that she’s going to bring it again in the second one.

Here are some of the things we hope Rebel Wilson will bring to Perfect Pitch 2:

Rebel Wilson, Ester Dean arrives at the "Pitch Perfect" Premiere at ArcLight Cinemas on September 24, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA

Her rapping skills. It is a movie about music after all and in the first one there was a fun scene where they did Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”, so it would make sense to do it again. But this time let’s have a little more Rebelicious! Her rapping skills are fun, great to dance to and let loose with.

Trivia: Rebel actually enjoys rap music and used to compete with her sister, Liberty, in music competitions when they were younger. 

They should bring in Rebel’s clothing line, Fat Mandi. Fat Mandi comes in sizes only for big girl and features fun food, like cupcakes and donuts, placed strategically. It’s too awesome to ignore!

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Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher at the "Bachelorette" Los Angeles Premiere, Arclight, Hollywood, CA 08-23-12

More, more, more fat chick pride. This girl takes care of her body. She works out, she eats healthy (most of the time) but she’s not afraid to have a cupcake – in public, and with no shame! Let’s find more of her confidence and cocky attitude that shows above average-sized women that they don’t have to hide in a dark corner when they eat!

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Magic Mike and Fat Amy

Romance. Keep the funny coming, but we think that Fat Amy deserves an awesome guy that can really handle her. Really, there’s no rule in movies that says that the fat girl has to just be the funny one. Can’t she be the funny one with a hot guy too? We think they should recruit Channing Tatum to play this role – after all, she did already straddle him when he was making Magic Mike.


More silver lining one liners. Fat Amy has a very positive, “can do” attitude. She always has a way of bringing your attention to the brighter side of the picture. And she usually does it with a one liner that you’re not going to forget about any time soon.




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