Simple Ways To Best Handle Daily Stress

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Stress shouldn’t be feared, nor should it define your life. Stress is a part of life, it is a normal response of your body to cope up with emergency situations.

 What is Stress?

Stress produces a certain chemical in your body that leads to higher heart rate and increased blood pressure. It can even increase your mental focus, which explains why a lot of people have that “last-minute syndrome,” where they start doing their work at the 11nth hour. But if these effects are used properly, they can actually help you perform better during difficult situations.

However, when stress becomes regular and out of control, that chemical accumulates and may inflict damage to your mental and physical health.

 Causes of Stress

 There are different things that can trigger ones stress. A particular stressor for one may not be the same for another. Stress can come from different aspects in life. It may come from financial problems, problems at work, problems with society, problems at school, problems with the family and more. What’s important is to overcome whatever is troubling you.

 Possible Signs that You’re Stressed Out

So how do you know whether you are stressed or not? There are certain indications for stress:

Anxiety is when you think and fear what will happen in the future.

Physical pain and other manifestations including back pain, fatigue, headaches, constipation or diarrhea are also indicators that you are stressed. Other physical manifestations of stress include high blood pressure, insomnia, stiff neck and weight gain or loss.

Depression is one of the worse indicators of stress, some people might deny that they are, but they suddenly collapse like Tony Soprano.

When you are stressed and not thinking straight, there is a high tendency that your relationship with coworkers, friends and loved ones might get affected in a negative way.

Simple Ways of Dealing with Stress

To avoid stress from becoming toxic, there are certain things you can do to cope up with it. Here are simple things you can follow to relieve yourself from daily stress:

  • There are problems you can solve, and there are predicaments. Learn to distinguish one from the other. Stop worrying about things you can’t solve, like the weather. Instead use them to your advantage. Like the extreme cold U.S. is experiencing right now is actually profitable, if you sell products and services that combats the chill.

  • Solve the little things. Small details are often taken for granted, but these things can actually have great effects in your life. Solving small things give you the feeling of control, and that feeling is a great stress reliever.

  • Organizing things and schedules to take out the clutter in your life is one way of solving small things to have that feeling of control.

  • Look at changes as good things. Change challenges you to develop as a person, use it to your advantage. Change is constant, but it’s up to us, whether that change will turn us into a better person or worse.

  • Your friends or your families are great counsellors. They don’t even have to talk, they just need to be there to listen to you and support you. Work to resolve your problems with these people.

  • Live a healthy life by eating healthy food, get enough sleep, exercise daily and participate in activities that you love to do. Meditating is a good stress reliever because it makes you reflect on what really matters in your life.

  • Dr Oz recommends Suma Extract, and he said this traditional medicine can help the body better deal with stress. He suggested 500 mg of suma twice a day to help combat stress to  promote an overall health.

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