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I have not ever given a review about clothes as I do my usual basics for my everyday casual. Same old shirts, pants or even shorties that I am most comfortable with. Hey, not all women are into glamour and silk! But I have my own share of fashion that befits anyone like Avril Lavigne during her golden days. Pairing those boyfriend shirt outfits with plain high heels still works, right? Just a bit of fix for this and that.


So I have this Naomi Sideways Cross Necklace from Quan Jewelry which is actually the reason why I’m writing this to share with you. You know how a cross reminds us of God’s love and how it symbolizes atonement, it may not be me but the necklace works wonders for someone like me! I’m all for humanity and it is my little way of empowering my belief of the goodness of our hearts. It denotes my faith like shouting in the depths of my soul that I can do fashion and still show how grateful I am of life! 

IMG_3048-1024x1024The necklace is a sideways cross jewelry that could be adjusted to 18 inches long which works best with my v-neck white shirts, or little black dress which I love to wear once in a while. The necklace is available in 925 sterling silver and stainless steel chain. It works best with my dainty little silver earrings and Ava Cross Ring by which I have also gotten from Quan Jewelry. Its simplicity is stunning as I get compliments better than the gold set 

I’ve been using  a couple of years ago. It’s like whenever I walk, I feel like there’s a spotlight that follows me and makes me beautiful and grateful for all that were given to me.

Now, I want to share that feeling to all women out there. I know that we have different choices when it comes to what we want to wear because it makes us unique from the rest of the world. But we always have this special thing about accessories that makes us feel special and loved. It also makes us who we are and not change a bit of what we have chosen to become. Well, I think  you just have to get one to see and feel for yourself and let me know what you think?!

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