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The phrase Beauty is just skin deep no longer applies.  As science has proven, you have to go under the skin to obtain truly beautiful, glowing skin. Applying make-up and masks to help improve the surface layer of your skin can only do so much.

Have you ever wondered why some women’s skin is horrible underneath the make-up? This may be because they are not taking care of their skin via diet. Most skin problems are food related. For example, greasy foods increase skin breakouts and sugary foods cause wrinkles.  To obtain beautiful skin,you need a healthy diet  based on the following foods:


Vitamin A Rich Vegetables

carrotsWe know that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a chemical that is converted into vitamin A. It improves eyesight and helps prevent night blindness. Furthermore, did you also know that vitamin A is a prime factor in keeping your skin silky smooth?  Carrots aren’t the only vegetables with this benefit: sweet potatoes do the trick, too!




Vitamin C Rich Fruits

orangesVitamin C is a great skin saver. It not only evens out skin complexion, but can also stimulate collagen synthesis, thereby protecting against wrinkles. Fruits that contain a high concentration of vitamin C include kiwi, oranges, and grapefruits.

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Vitamin E Rich Foods

almondsFoods that are vitamin E rich contain anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing nutrients that help reduce skin flare-ups. Nuts (almond nuts) and seeds (sunflower seeds), spinach, broccoli, and wheat are some of vitamin E rich foods that will improve your skin, especially when you have those nasty breakouts.




Low-Fat Dairy Products

yogurtYogurt is a great substitute for people who have problems converting beta carotene to vitamin A. Yogurt is high in vitamin A and high in acidophilus, which is the good “live” bacteria in our intestines, helping with digestion; a good digestion will be reflected in healthy-looking skin. Added benefits of yogurt include stronger nails, glowing skin, and a slimmer waistline, due to the protein and biotin it provides.



Dark Chocolate

chocolateMany people with diabetes eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate not only helps with diabetes by regulating your blood glucose, it can also increase the hydration of your skin and make it softer. This is because a small piece of dark chocolate can release high levels of cocoa flavonoids, which help increase blood circulation to the skin.




Essential Fatty Acid Rich Foods

salmonFoods that are essential fatty acid rich include salmon, walnuts, canola oil, and flax seed. These foods are the key foods for healthy skin since essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes. These deter harmful waste from entering our cells and provide a safe passageway for nutrients. Cell membranes also retain water in your skin, so healthier cell membranes equate to younger looking skin. However, if you don’t want to eat these foods, try a nutrient supplement such as omega3 and omega6 pills as an alternative.


Plenty of Water

waterThe obvious way to get beautiful skin is drinking lots of water. Water will keep your skin moisturized and supple. So, drink up! However, ‘water’ does not mean just any fluid. Substituting soda or sugary drinks for water will not provide the  pure hydration your skin and body need.




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