The 5 Hair Products That Should Be In Every Woman’s Bathroom

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TThe hair product aisle is full of a dizzying array of options. Fortunately, experts have tried them all and can give us the best of the best to stock our bathroom with.

Dry Shampoo

One of the best secret weapons to add volume to hair in a hurry is dry shampoo. They are commonly in spray form and used on dry hair. The shampoo works by absorbing moisture and is especially beneficial for women with oily hair. The sprays bump up the volume and allow you to skip a washing.  

Texturizing Spray

Skipping the hot styling tools is necessary yet inconvenient. We know they cause damage and shouldn’t be used every single day yet how do you style without them? The answer is to add a little texture with spray. These products can be used by woman with every type of hair from curly to those with straight locks that want to add subtle waves. Apply to damp hair and use your fingers to style for a quick, effortless look.

Deep Conditioner

We all damage our hair and need a little repair occasionally. Professionals suggest that split ends be trimmed every six weeks. This is easier said than done with the busy schedules we keep. A good conditioning from root to tip will strengthen hair and help prevent further splitting, allowing you to grow your healthy hair longer. For women with thick hair, a leave in conditioner will work best and those with thin should opt for the rinse out type to prevent weighing the hair down.

Heat Protectant Spray

Heated styling tools are the go to for most women on a daily basis. All that heat dries hair out, causing damage. To minimize the bad effects, use a heat protectant spray before styling. These work as a shield to protect hair yet allow enough heat to penetrate so that the desired style is achieved.

Light Hairspray

Once your hair is looking exactly how you want it, it is time to finish it off with a spray. Hairspray products have come a long way from the sticky and stiff aerosol cans of the past. Using a light hairspray allows movement and a natural look while not compromising its ability to hold.

Hair Extension

Sometimes we want to have beautiful long hair like the woman in the cover photo. But real life gets in the way.  Our hair is frizzy, short, and just wont cooperate. What to do? Fortunately, hair extensions are available to help us out. For example, you can simply clip in hair extensions to give you instant length. Other types of extensions include tape in extensions and micro loop. Just make sure that you choose real human hair.

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