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Teleflora: Spring SonataWe did our research to make it more easier for you to decide which online flower delivery you’ll choose. There are a lot of them. When you hit google for the best online flower delivery, you’ll get 140,000,000 results. No I’m not kidding about it. So we did our assignment. We took 5 best out of that 140,000,000.

We based our ratings from 8 different categories. Product selection, prices, customer service, ordering system, delivery, customer reviews,eco and charitable features and website navigation.

Teleflora won with an overall score of 4.0 and I’m gonna tell you why. When it comes to product selection, they have a wide variety of flowers, flower arrangements and gift baskets you can choose from. From a traditional arrangement to the more lavish ones. Perfect for any occasion for a very special someone.

Price is very important when choosing the right store. You can get a very nice flower arrangement for as low as $29.99 so it’s so budget friendly. The best part is, you get a quality product and service for that low price.

Customer service and the ordering system is very good. They have a live chat window which is always available for any questions you have and you can talk to a floral expert anytime. You can call the hotline to order or you can just add to cart. It’s like shopping clothes online!

Every time you order flowers from Teleflora you’ll know that some of the proceeds will go to:

Stand Up to Cancer
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Make Someone Smile Week – Launched by Teleflora in 2000, this program delivers over 40,000 Be Happy bouquets to hospital patients, children in foster care, residents of nursing homes. Make Someone Smile is one of the largest charitable outreach efforts in the floral industry.

That’s how charitable this company is. Their website is very user friendly too. Just by hovering your mouse will give you a menu on what you are looking for. Making it easier for you to really get what you want. Gives you more choices to choose from.

A company with a big heart. A true winner.


The Enduring Significance of Flowers on Mother’s Day

mother's day

A flower has always been a symbol of endearing love. Men usually give flowers to express the pursuit of a woman’s heart. This has been the longest tradition since the Victorian Era, wherein a full romance language has been developed around the gesture of giving flowers. Receiving flowers conveys a certain feeling of happiness deemed too special merely for words. So resurrecting the Victorian tradition on  Mother’s Day will surely leaven the humbling gesture of thankfulness , to bring back the subtle memory of a mother’s great sacrifice for love.

The simple gift of flowers now has entirely spread its role beyond romance. Today people give them to their special loved ones to express an emotion that depicts deep affection of love. So on a very special day of all the mothers in the world, more flowers are sent more than ever in a year. This is a perfect idea to once again leave an impression of womanhood to our moms who gave meaning to our lives.

Flowers are the best gifts, as being in the presence of beautiful flowers makes women receptive to an appreciation to love. It is a way to a woman’s heart. It would not lose its sparkle to women as classy and though with a reasonable price still looks quite expensive. It is a celebration that mothers ought to deserve, an act of value to the importance of their existence.

Flowers represent different meanings. Consider a whole lot of variations from colours, sizes, numbers, presentations and other sweet stuff that best comes along with flowers. Others may perceive sending flowers as an outdated ritual to a woman’s joy, but the feeling of receiving them never fails to leave a grateful heart.

Teleflora's Enchanted JourneyYou can never go wrong with flowers as a gift. It is a simple way of letting our mothers know that we are always grateful for them. Besides, it is unerringly very human to realize that someone still appreciates their magnificent being as the one that lights up our homes.

So when you buy flowers, symbolism is not the only factor when shopping for your mom’s treasured gift. Always consider her favourite colour, the smell of her perfume and the most cherished notes that comes with it. Remember that every flower signifies differently in meaning. It could be grace, elegance, joy, romance, warmth, affection, gratefulness, purity and eternal love. These are what should compromise our mothers’ feelings as merits to all the things they have done for us.

So why are flowers the best gifts on Mother’s Day? It’s ingenuously because we care. As a matter of fact, it assures all the mothers out there that it may only be just one day in a year for the holiday of Mother’s Day but the impact that we want to portray and leave as impressions of our simple act at the end of the day is that we are thankful for them each and every day!

I hope you found our review helpful. We spent a lot of time and effort evaluating the online flower websites so that you don’t have to. Note that we will get compensated if you do decide to buy from our links. This will help us maintain our service and website in order to continue bringing you the best reviews.