The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

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Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Before you set about tackling the cleaning of your home, you should understand that although all germs are bad, they are not all equal. For example, you may find thousands of fairly harmless germs on your keyboard, but a few unhealthy and more dangerous germs on your washer or your toilet seat.

The places where you will find the highest concentration of nasty germs in the home are:

  1. Your toilet.
  2. Your kitchen sink and sponges you use for washing up and cleaning dishes.
  3. Your landline phone or mobile.
  4. Your dustbin.
  5. Your washer.
  6. Your bath tub.

Probably the filthiest area of your home will be your kitchen sink, with over half a million bacteria present in every square inch of your drain Bacteria will grow freely in this area, finding all they need to multiply at a very fast rate; water, food particles, and damp sponges and cloths.

In contradiction to what most people think, although your toilet bowl will harbour germs, it is relatively germ free when compared with other areas such as your kitchen sink. However, although the concentration of germs here may be less, they are generally harmful bacteria such as E. coli.

Your bathroom is a place where you clean yourself, but unfortunately it is not a clean room in your home. The damp atmosphere and the water left on the floor of your shower or in your tub are a perfect breeding ground for staphylococcus bacteria.

As for the bathroom, one would think that the place where one goes to get clean would be clean itself. However, most bathtubs and shower floors are left damp and warm after use, ideal environments for staphylococcus bacteria

Your washing machine is also an area where you can find high levels of harmful bacteria and germs. Although you use your washer for cleaning clothes, the lower temperatures mean that bacteria are not killed and germs can bread. Dirty undergarments can even allow for the spread of harmful E. coli throughout you whole wash.

Your electronic equipment is also a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially items that are used regularly such as your remote control, keyboard, and mobile phone. Your hands are a constant source of bacteria, and as you use your equipment, you are constantly passing bacteria onto your equipment that will then survive for a long period of time.

Lastly, you would expect your dustbin to harbour germs, it providing a perfect place for the growth of harmful bacteria. Many people are adverse to cleaning out a trash can, especially an outdoor one, making the perfect home for millions or rapidly multiplying bacteria.

Protip: Keep all areas dry..

You can eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria and germs in your home by simply keeping all areas dry. Germs need moisture to breed, and keeping your trash can or your shower tray dry can actually be more effective than using anti bacterial cleaners. After you have finished washing dishes or taking a shower simply wipe away excess water with a disposable paper towel. If you insist on using sponges, make sure you keep them as dry as possible, and wipe down all your electronic equipment regularly. For areas where E. coli can spread easily, a small amount of bleach can kill off germs effectively.

Lastly, avoid overuse of disinfectants as they can be potentially dangerous to your health. Living in an atmosphere that is totally void of bacteria is actually more harmful than living along a small level of mild bacteria and germs.

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