The Science of that Beautiful, Sometimes Messy, Release (a.k.a SEX!)

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Sex! “You know the feeling when your special someone looks at you with intent and desire, your natural instinct starts to kick in, you now have one thing in mind… sex.” When it’s time for sexy times, there’s little you can do to stop it, but why WOULD you?

The video explains what happens to your body during sex. It’s about time we get to the science of that beautiful, sometimes messy, release.

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NiaNia (Nia Orms) is not only a great writer, but an actress as well. As a comedic actress NiaNia is able to take sensitive issues and create relatable soul healing content. NiaNia’s take on life is evident in her writing. She aims to diminish the belief that a certain age or size equals happiness. She is well known for depicting different fictional New York City characters that have an “in your face” concept. She tackles issues on stereotypes and humanity.

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