The Truth About Eyebrow Growth

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The Truth About Eyebrow Growth

Although eyebrows seem to sit above your eyes with no “practical” purpose, they not only keep the sweat and oil on our foreheads from reaching our eyes but also frame the entire face. At the same time, eyebrows are also a great indicator of your emotions, and give off many signals about your moods and feelings to others. So, these little strokes of hair above your eyes are actually more important than you might give them credit for.

But, as important they are, they also have the slowest regeneration rate out of all the hair on your body.  Many people with thin or over-plucked eyebrows look for immediate solutions but, as you’ve probably guessed,  there is no easy way out or any miracle hair growth treatment you can apply .

Use of Brow Liner or Powder

The easiest option to fix sparse eyebrows would be to use a brow liner or powder to fill in the spaces and gaps between your eyebrow hairs. This makes them fuller and you can change the shape. But of course, that isn’t a permanent solution. Others take an extreme approach to fixing sparse brows by tattooing them in — probably not the way to go unless there are medical or genetic reasons why your eyebrows won’t grow back.

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Use of Hair Growth Vitamins

Some people decide to take vitamins to increase their hair growth. Remember, though, that since vitamins increase all hair growth and not just your eyebrows, you could find hair growing faster everywhere. I mean, not only your head hair, eyebrows, eyelashes…but also your underarms, leg hair, as well as “other” parts—if you know what I mean. However, this is a good remedy for people who have genetically sparse eyebrows.


Unfortunately, eyebrows loss caused by medication and chemotherapy may last for quite some time, as it’s necessary for all the products to be completely out of your system before your eyebrows will grow again.

Eyebrows in general are actually a very tricky matter because it is so easy for the shape to be accidentally changed when people get a little too enthusiastic with their tweezers or wax strips. The best way to prevent this entire problem is really to be careful. You can even “measure” them if you’re unsure about how they should look and where the arches should appear.

Beauty guru Jen Frmheadtotoe even created a video dedicated to creating the “perfect” eyebrows.

Of course, it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But she introduces a measuring method for brow shaping that is worth considering if you want to avoid the problem of waiting for your eyebrows to grow back.

So, remember not to just “have a go” and start pulling out random bits of hair from your eyebrows without planning — because, unlike the hair on your head, a mistake is a lot harder to hide and takes a lot longer to fix!

In any case, full and well-groomed brows are what’s “in” right now. If you flip through magazines or watch celebrities on television, the girls are all rocking very full brows that properly frame their eyes and balance out their features. So, if your brows are shaped a little thin, maybe you should think about growing them out.

What kind of brows do you prefer? And what “rules” and tips do you have and follow when shaping and grooming your eyebrows?

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