Tips To Make Your Eyelashes Longer

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The popular saying is that your eyes are the windows to your soul. If that’s the case, then your eyelashes are definitely the decorative curtains. Okay, enough with the windows analogy, but that’s the basic idea behind long and curled eyelashes. They should “open up” your eyes and give the illusion that they’re bigger than they actually are.

Since most of us are not gifted with a set of naturally full and curled lashes, it’s fortunate that we actually have quite a lot of products to help us achieve this.


While mascaras have always been around, most just help darken pre-existing eyelashes. But what if the lashes you’re born with are sparse and thin? Here is where something known as fiber mascara comes into its own. Fiber mascaras actually contain little bits of fiber that cling to your existing lashes and  make them not only fuller, but also longer. You can also use lash primers to give your fiber mascara something to build on.

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In fact, with enough patience and a curler, you can get dramatic boosts on your eyelashes as shown by beauty guru eki of A little bit of eki in a blog post. She even filmed an informative step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a similar effect.


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False Lashes

Another method of making your lashes longer would, of course, be to glue on false eyelashes. While it might sound a little over-the-top at first, false eyelashes are actually very popular right now because there have been many more subtle styles of eyelashes on the market. They are no longer solely for more dramatic make-up looks. Criss-cross patterned fake eyelashes can go a long way in term of enlarging the eye and they look quite natural if used correctly. There are also false lower lashes available that do a great job of opening up your eyes. False eyelashes have actually become many beauty gurus’ staple make-up items — one of them being Jen of From Head to Toe.

She demonstrates how even false eyelashes can look as natural as your real ones, and provides a helpful step-by-step tutorial. Of course, it does take a bit of effort to perfect this skill, but the results are well worth it. There are many other ways to wear false eyelashes and a lot of different types of false eyelashes out there, so feel free to experiment and find ones that work best for you. Remember the importance of making trends work for you instead of just trying to follow all the trends you see.

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Lash-growing Serum

One other option would be to use lash-growing serums and apply them directly to your eyelashes. Many high-end and low-end brands have developed formulas that enhance eyelash fullness as well as length. This can make applying mascara a lot easier for those who have sparse lashes. Catalina of Catalina’s Beauty Blog did a weekly update of her results and she does seem to have wonderfully fuller and longer lashes. But be very careful and do your research to find out if you might have any allergic reactions or any possible side effects before buying these eyelash-growing serums. Your eyes are very important and you should take great care of them.

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Eyelash Extensions

My final suggestion for making your lashes longer is the lash extensions that you can get at a professional salon. Sometimes the effect is so dramatic that they look like you have false eyelashes on even when you don’t. Steph of DSK Steph documented her lashes in a blog post before and after the extension, and the results were pretty astounding.

Remember that, like the lash growth serum, you should do your research and carefully look over any forms you have to sign because this is a cosmetic procedure of a sort and has its own risk. But it’s definitely something you can look into if you’re willing to try a semi-permanent way to say goodbye to short and sparse lashes.

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So, I’ve offered a quick and dirty introduction to several methods of making your lashes fuller and longer. What do you do to enhance what you were born with?  

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