Top 10 Beauty Tips for Women in Their 30s

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Women in 30s

TThere are numerous tips available for women as to how they can keep their skin healthy and looking good. However, with so many tips floating around, it can be hard to know which ones you need to live by strictly and which ones you can use occasionally. Therefore, in this article today, we are going to discuss the  top ten beauty tips for women in their 30s  from skincare gurus and even makeup artists.

1.    Use an eye cream under your eyes to keep that section of the skin hydrated so you can avoid bags and puffiness.

2.    If you self-tan on your face and have light hair, make sure you apply lotion above your hairline and eyebrows while using a circulation motion and blend it down your neck.

3.    Always make sure that you have makeup removal wipes inside of your nightstand so on those nights that you are too tired to wash your makeup you can prevent morning breakouts or running messes on your pillows.

4.    Before you go to get waxed, take one to two capsules of Advil to avoid feeling pain.

5.    Exfoliate when you have an ingrown hair because it gets rid of your dead skin cells, which allows your new hair to come through to the surface.

6.    Make sure that you eat healthy so your skin can be beautiful. When it comes to healthy and beautiful hair, it is recommended that you eat carrots.

7.    When you get out of the shower, apply your cream so you can be sure that all of the oil has been removed from your skin.

8.    Do not use the same mascara or liquid eyeliner for more than four months.

9.    If your hair is colored, use only shampoos and conditioners that are made for colored hair so your color stays vibrant longer.

10.   Avoid using gels on your face. Instead, use a milk cleanser or a cream because they do not dry out your skin as much as gels.

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